Topic: Did you pass on a DSi to wait for the 3DS?

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I didn't. Otherwise I'd have to have been psychic, cause I got it near launch.



I didnt know about the 3DS in April 09

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By the time I got interested in the DS, the 3DS had been announced. So I decided to wait, and got a Wii instead.


I was never interested in the DSi. Besides I knew it was just a slight upgrade. Not really the true next evolution in handhelds like the 3DS. Once the 3DS is out the Dsi might as well be a paperweight.

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Yes I did. Also I did not see the point in buying a 3rd DS (I already have 2)

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Not only did I not pass on a DSi (I bought it on release day), I also didn't pass on an XL. In fact I bought two XLs as I traded in my launch burgundy for the blue when it was released. Of course the 3DS was well known about by the time the blue XL landed in the US, and at the time I didn't hold any second thoughts.

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3DS was announced pretty much as soon as I placed an order for my DSi XL, and I briefly considered cancelling it. I already had 2 DSes that I mostly used for the KORG DS-10 before that, but holy crap have I gotten my money's worth for that thing. So I sure don't feel bad about not holding out.


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Yeah, I'm still DSi-less. Kinda glad I waited. Didn't really need one.

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I like to skip DS just so I could buy used DS games for cheap and play them on what ever came out next.That thing just happens to be the 3DS. But man I really really want a 3DS!



The Lite was my first DS model. I decided against buying a DSi when I saw that DS games would still be limited to WEP wireless (in)security. I made the right decision because very few DSi-enhanced games (which support WPA wireless security) have been released.

I've preordered a 3DS but I'm not 100% sure I'm actually going to get it. I might cancel the preorder before it ships and wait a year or so to see how well the 3DS catches on in the marketplace. A lot depends upon how well it sells to the masses (people who don't read forums).

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Link79 wrote:

I was never interested in the DSi. Besides I knew it was just a slight upgrade. Not really the true next evolution in handhelds like the 3DS. Once the 3DS is out the Dsi might as well be a paperweight.

that's true if you see the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA, GBA SP, Ipod, HDtv's and every phone made more than 4 months ago the same way. The DSi did have a lot of improved features and stood well without a cartridge.

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No, I passed it up because there were no reasons for me to downgrade to one.



No, my DS Lite had already had a crack on its hinge, and the touch screen was looking quite nasty so I decided for an upgrade. Plus I thought that with the download service the DSi would get a virtual console, something that had become an addiction for me with the Wii at the time. Of course, the VC never made its way to the DSi, but its not too bad since there were quite a few quality titles that were released on DSiWare the past few years. So all in all, I do not regret buying my DSi one bit, and is tied with my GBA SP for being my favorite handheld system ever.

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I got the DSi because my DS Lite's shoulder buttons were starting to lose their feeling, and the hinge was frankly annoying me.

Fast-forward to now (with DSi), and I have absolutely no use of my shoulder buttons (that was its main blunder).... and apparently, when your DSi falls a lot, the screen will start glinting blue.

So I'll need the 3DS and System Transfer so I can be able to safely distribute the 20 DSiWare games/apps I have.

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I sold my DSi because of the 3DS.

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