Topic: Did you pass on a DSi to wait for the 3DS?

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I did. I'm still using my old DS Lite. I knew that I didn't really need a DSi and that I could wait until the 3DS. Getting a DSi XL was never considered. Buying a DSi and 3DS too would have been way too expensive.

So while people have moved on from their DS Lite to DSi and some to a DSi XL, its time for me to upgrade and find out whats going on in the land of DSiWare. How's that obscure game called Shantae that I heard about once or twice?

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I didn't

All i had was an beat up old DS Phat, and i needed an upgrade.
so far, I have no regret.

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No, but I got my DSi before the 3DS was announced, and I didn't already have any other DS model. I'm happy with the purchase now that it's confirmed you can transfer your wares. I'll probably be able to make a little bit more when I sell it after I get my 3DS, than I would have with the cheaper Lite, so no regrets. If I had already owned a Lite, I definitely would have skipped it though.

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No, but it was worth it.


Nope, my Phat broke. I should've got a Lite though, there's not been anything on DSiWare I've been thrilled by.


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Nope I got my DSi day 1! I do miss my lite though... I loved that little machine, but besides that no regrets.



I purchased my DSi a few months ago after having heard about the impending 3DS. I've got 2000 points sitting on it right now but haven't purchased any DSi Ware for it yet. I also have a pair of 3DS's on preorder. I haven't really decided if I'll ultimately pull the trigger or not on the 3DS. If I do, I'll pass the DSi on to my son. If I don't, then I'll keep the DSi for myself.



Yep, I never got the DSi because I knew this was coming.

I can't wait to play Shantae.



My old Phat DS broke (after years of use) a couple months after the DSi came out, so I just got the newest item available. The 3DS wasn't revealed until a year or two later, though if I knew about it I might have waited or just bought a lite.

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No, I still only had a DS Phat after 4 years and it was in bad shape, so I got it on day one as a birthday gift. It's been nearly two years since it first came out anyway, we didn't even know about the 3DS until a year later. I am glad that I passed up on the DSi XL though because of the 3DS (Among other reasons).


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Nope. I got my DSi during Christmas 2009 because my old DS Lite broke. No regrets, been enjoying DSiWare quite a bit. The cameras have been a joy to use as well.

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I purchased a DSi at launch, so I'd have been waiting 2 years for the next handheld, which wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. I pretty much quit buying retail games and just stuck with the great puzzle titles (Art Style!) and smaller games on DSiWare since then. Good stuff, well worth it, and a nifty successor to my old Lite with its broken shoulder buttons.

2 years, by the way, is an eternity for many other companies. Take Apple's portable devices, for instance: in 2 years, anything you get from them will be thoroughly obsolete. They churn out new hardware like it's nobody's business.

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Nope. Got my DSi for my birthday six months ago and I'm pretty happy with it. Besides, I don't plan on getting the 3DS until a year or so after it's been out.



I just went for the Lite version. It's served it's purpose and besides the backwards compatability is too valuable for me.

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Yeah, I'm keeping my Lite to play GBA games and I'm keeping my GBA SP to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Maybe I can get rid of it if all the games I own get released on 3DS. For me, its about being able to play old games on modern systems than playing those old games on their original system.

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Well I got mine on launch and an XL on launch. Not sure if 3DS was known when the XL came out but doesn't matter for me! I always need to have the latest in Nintendo tech. When I got a DSi I knew damn well that there would probably be a "real" successor out within 2-2.5 years. But I wouldn't have wanted to be without DSiWare for that whole span! Basically with me, If Nintendo makes it, I buy it. Even if I really don't have the money I will ALWAYS find a way to get every new Nintendo hardware on launch day no matter what!

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I got my Lite in December 2008 and it's the only DS I've had so far. I didn't see much of a point in getting a DSi, and I don't regret not getting one now either. I'll still keep the Lite for the backwards compatibility though, wouldn't dream of trying to sell it.

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My wife and I ended up getting a DSi XL when it came out. I know the news of the 3DS was leaked a week before it was released but my wife's eye's were slowly getting worse so we made the switch. no regrets. Just hard on the pocket book because we each get our own.



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