Bayonetta 3: All Witch Heart, Broken Witch Heart, Broken Moon Pearl Locations
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Hello there and welcome to our Bayonetta 3 walkthrough guide where we'll be walking you through every chapter in the game as well as showing you the locations of every collectible, including Umbran Tears of Blood, Figure Boxes, Echoes of Memory, Card Packs, Records, Verses and Treasure Chests.

In this particular guide, we're looking at locations for all Witch Hearts, Broken Witch Hearts, and Broken Moon Pearls.

Note: This Bayonetta 3 Walkthrough is currently a work-in-progress, so bear with us as we finish up finding every last item on our way to 100% completion of Bayo's latest and greatest adventure.

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Bayonetta 3: All Witch Heart, Broken Witch Heart & Broken Moon Pearl Locations

You can buy full Witch Hearts and full Moon Pearls from Rodin in the Gates of Hell. Every time you purchase one of his stock of either of these items, the price on the next purchase will rise considerably.

Out in the field, we're looking for Broken Witch Hearts and Broken Moon Pearls for the most part, with four witch heart pieces/two moon pearl pieces making for a whole and giving Bayonetta a nice upgrade to her health and magic gauges.

The most obvious places to grab these collectibles is from the many time trial puzzles you'll find in Treasure Chests, as well as from special Verses which take the form of combat challenges. You'll be able to spot combat challenge verses by the purple glow that they give off.

As for the rest of the pieces, well they're scattered all throughout the game, so below we'll be listing the location of each and every one of them to help you get powered up to the max ASAP. Let's take a look!

Prologue - A Chaotic Encounter

There are no collectibles in Prologue - A Chaotic Encounter

Chapter 1: Scrambling For Answers

Chapter 2: City On Fire

Chapter 3: A Sinking Feeling

Chapter 4: World's Apart

Chapter 5: Hot Pursuit

Chapter 6: Off The Rails

Chapter 7: Burning Sands

Chapter 8: A Croaking Chorus

Chapter 9: Learning To Fly

Chapter 10: Cover Of Night

Chapter 11 - A Familiar Dance

Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness

Chapter 13 - Kingdom of One

Chapter 14 - The Single Truth

  • There are no collectibles in Chapter 14 - The Single Truth

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