Harv's Island Shopping Plaza
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The expansion of Harv's Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most substantial additions that came with the 2.0 update. We've had fun using amiibo for photoshoots on Harv's island, not to mention the month-long wedding season, but the co-op campsite filled with familiar and returning characters gives us a great reason to catch up with Harv on a daily basis.

In this Harv co-op campsite guide we'll go through everything you need to know about Harv's co-op trade post and the unlockable characters you'll encounter there.

We'll be updating this guide as we discover more information.

Harv's Island Plaza Expansion in New Horizons - Animal Crossing Co-op Campsite Guide

What is Harv's Island? How do you get to Harv's Island?

Harv's Island Plaza
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Harv's Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a destination accessible via your airport. Simply go to the Dodo Airlines counter and say you want to fly and visit Harv's Island. Following the requisite procedure, you'll be whisked there by seaplane.

What is the Shopping Plaza on Harv's Island?

100,000 Bells Harv's Island
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Harv's island also has a large space behind his house where characters come in caravans and sell their wares in a co-operative-style trading plaza area.

Originally you only had access to Harv's house for photoshoots with amiibo characters or with Reese and Cyrus during June's wedding season, but Update 2.0 introduced this new plaza area of Harv's Island where you unlock characters via donations.

In addition to call our amiibo friends for photoshoots, you can buy (sometimes exotic) goods from the traders, get your fortune told, place or retrieve items in your personal storage, and get a haircut, too.

Harriet Harv's Island
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How much does it cost to unlock characters on Harv's Island Shopping Plaza?

You'll have to donate 100,000 Bells to the appropriate Lloid in order to fund each of the seven characters' arrival, although donations will be made anonymously over time that will take that total down.

Additionally, you can only unlock one caravan per day, so assuming you have the Bells, it will take you a week to unlock all seven characters.

To reiterate, to unlock every character you'll need 700,000 Bells and seven days, then.

When do the shops replenish their stock?

Every shop will restock at the start of a new week. The exception is that items that are sold out — like Redd's art — will be replaced the next day.

Harv's Island Caravans Unlockable Character List - Which characters are at Harvey's Campsite? What do they do?

Each of the characters below will come to Harv's island campsite in their caravan, with the exception of Harriet, who is present from the beginning and does not need to be unlocked with donations.


Harriet will offer to cut your hair once a day and will unlock new hairstyle options which you can then freely select by looking in any mirror or vanity in the game.

If you dislike the result, feel free to tell her so and she'll return your hairstyle to its original state (don't worry, you'll still have the new one unlocked).


Katrina Harv's Island
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Katrina is a fortune teller. You can get one fortune a day, and one friendship reading per day. Fortunes will predict the day's luck, and the friendship reading can tell you more about your villager relationships.

There's a lot to know about Katrina, so to learn all about Katrina's fortunes, and her friendship readings, head to our Katrina-specific guide!


Saharah Harv's Island
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Carpet and wallpaper seller Saharah is a regular visitor to your island who will set up camp on Harv's island once you've paid the required donation. As with the other characters, if she's on your island, you'll find her caravan closed.

Saharah's stall here is, in fact, much improved over her offerings when she comes to your island. On Harv's Island you can actually see what you're buying from her, for example.

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 17 15 04 48
Image: Nintendo Life

Saharah sells two wallpapers, two flooring types, and four rugs every week, all from her selection of rare items. You will not receive Saharah's tickets from her shop on Harv's Island, though.


The retired mayor from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, on Harv's island Tortimer provides access to your home storage while you're away from home.

During the Fall, he'll also crack out his Cornimer mask and give you acorns when you speak to him.

Reese and Cyrus

Reese and Cyrus Harv's Island
Image: Nintendo Life

The alpaca pair Reese and Cyrus offer item customisation on Harv's island — when they're not posing for wedding photos, that is. Each item costs a different amount to customise, but it'll include items that were previously uncustomisable, like the town décor items you can get from the Nook Miles catalogue.

You'll know if an item is a ReTail exclusively customisable item because there will be a little R on top of it in your inventory when you speak to Cyrus.

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 11 25 50
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Leif  Harv's Island
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Leif sells a variety of vegetable starts, flowers and bushes. This is the main (and most reliable) way you can get the vegetables in your game, aside from finding them on Kapp'n's boat tours or asking friends for a donation.

Every day, Leif will sell two random vegetables, three bushes (including one seasonal), and six flowers. You can also sell him weeds.

He also offers to remove all weeds from your island. It'll cost you 100,000 Bells, mind.

There is a Veggie Basket DIY that you'll receive from Leif after buying vegetables from him on three different days, so make sure you're actually engaging with him!


Redd  Harv's Island
Image: Nintendo Life

Dodgy art dealer Redd sells art on Harv's island. He'll have two pieces of art a week, but if you buy one it'll get replenished with something new the next day. You can only buy one piece a day, but he's guaranteed to sell at least one real piece a week, so choose wisely!

Redd's Raffle

Redd also now runs a raffle where he'll offer a random handheld item for 500 Bells. Here are the numbers, and what prize you'll get for each:

  1. Peachy-Pink Folding Fan
  2. Sky-Blue Folding Fan
  3. Grass-Green Folding Fan
  4. Bitter-Orange Folding Fan
  5. Vanilla Cone
  6. Chocolate Cone
  7. Strawberry Cone
  8. Ramune Soda Lemon Cone
  9. Melon-Cheesecake Cone
  10. Orange Mint Cone
  11. Vanilla Soft Serve
  12. Chocolate Soft Serve
  13. Matcha-Vanilla Soft Serve
  14. Berry-Vanilla Soft Serve
  15. Rainbow Soft Serve
  16. Canned Orange Juice
  17. Canned Grape Juice
  18. Canned Apple Juice
  19. Canned Green Tea
  20. Canned Tea
  21. Canned Coffee
  22. Canned Sports Drink
  23. Canned Soda
  24. Chocolate Donut
  25. Matcha Donut
  26. Strawberry Donut
  27. White Chocolate Donut
  28. Pocketbook
  29. Pocket Magazine
  30. Colourful Light Stick


Kicks  Harv's Island
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Kicks sells his usual socks and shoes, plus various accessories to really make your outfits pop. His selection is the same for a week, and includes three pairs of shoes, three socks/leggings/tights, and five bags.

(Thanks to Isomorphic Box for the incredible guide on Katrina's fortunes, and u/ot0rin for the list of Redd's raffle items!)

Has Harv's Campsite been upgraded on your island yet? What is your favourite new feature or shop? Expand the comment section with your thoughts below!

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