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There are many great things about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but one of them is the ability to create a huge and varied wardrobe. If you've been on social media over the last couple of weeks it has been hard to avoid the amazing number of Custom Designs players have been creating and sharing online, but even if you're not the creative type to import or make your own custom designs, there are more than enough in-game outfits to play dress up with.

However, it can be tough to sort out the huge number of clothing items, garments and accessories and it can be a pain to have to run all the way back to your wardrobe to get a new look. Fortunately, there's a special item to help fashionistas change their image in the blink of an eye, or more accurately, the wave of a wand.

In this guide we'll cover how to craft and use the Star Wand, and also look at how to wish on a shooting star - something you'll need to do to get star fragments.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Star Wand

What does the wand do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

When you use the Star Wand, you can save outfits to predefined slots and switch between them at any time without the need to visit a wardrobe or carry a change of clothes with you. The wand is a handy item for anybody who has lots of outfits and wants the ability to change between them quickly and conveniently, Cinderella-style.

How do you get the wand in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

To get the Star Wand - colloquially called the Magic Wand or 'Happy Wand' - you'll need to have met Celeste the Owl during the night. Celeste is Blathers' sister and, as her name suggests, she is a stargazer and constellation enthusiast. She only appears on evenings when there's a meteor shower and she will give you the DIY recipe for the Star wand if you talk to her.

In order to craft the wand, you'll need to wish upon on shooting stars and collect star fragments from the beach the following day. Star fragments are a rare resource that come in different varieties and are used to craft items such as the Star Wand and are worth hanging on to when you find them.

There are other variants of the Wand available in the game. The Bamboo Wand is a variant on the Star Wand which reportedly has the same powers, although you'll still need star fragments to craft it, along with six young spring bamboo harvested by visiting Nook Miles Mystery Islands and bringing back materials.

The Fish Wand is an item available from C.J. during the Fishing Tourney in return for collecting points from catching fish.

Celeste also has other wand DIY recipes to give you on other nights, including the Mums Wand (crafted with Yellow Mums flowers and x3 Star Fragments) and the Tulip Wand (x1 Red tulips and x3 Star Fragments).

A Cherry-blossom wand is also available as part of the cherry-blossom set if you manage to shoot down the DIY recipe from a balloon during cherry blossom season (1st April - 10th April) and craft it using cherry-blossom petals and star fragments.

Help! How do I wish upon a shooting star?

Wishing upon a (shooting) star in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is actually a little more complicated than you might think, although thankfully it doesn't involve actually writing a wish on the in-game keypad. Soon you'll have more wishes than you know what to do with...

Even if you can't see the shooting star, you'll be able to hear it via the tell-tale twinkle sound. When you hear that, here's what you need to do:

  • First, make sure your character's hands are empty. You'll need to press the 'A' button, but if you're carrying a tool like an axe or a shovel you'll swing that instead. Put your tools away by pressing down on the D-pad.
  • Push up on the right analogue stick to change the camera angle and get a view of the sky.
  • Simply press 'A' while the shooting star is still visible and your character will face the screen and put their hands together to make a wish. You'll know it has worked because the star will twinkle.
  • Sometimes multiple stars will appear at once. Press that 'A' button multiple times and you'll make multiple wishes. Easy!

Keep wishing (there are Nook Miles achievements to collect) and the next morning the shoreline around your island will be full of star fragments, large and small. Depending on how many shooting stars you wished upon, star fragments will keep appearing throughout the day after you've collected them, so be sure to return and comb the beach for every last one.

As you can see from the crafting picture further up the page, now you can simply head to a workbench and craft the Star Wand.

How do I use the Star Wand in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Before you can use the wand, you'll need to register outfits to it. To do this, head to the nearest wardrobe (you've probably got one in your house - if not, it's time to craft one). Unlike the other tools, you are able to hold the Star Wand while standing inside your house.

Approach the wardrobe while holding the wand and press 'A'. You'll be taken to a menu where you can construct outfits and assign them to slots while your character poses like the catwalk model they are.

As you'll find out, using the wand to change into the outfit doesn't mean your clothes magically teleport to you - instead, it's considered a 'transformation' and the clothes you're actually wearing beneath these 'magical' clothes will still be there. A small point, but one important enough for Nintendo to highlight. Essentially this means that while you can remove and sell the clothes your wearing (or gift them to friends and villagers), this won't be possible with Wand outfits unless you have the physical item on your person.

After naming your outfit you'll have the option to edit the icon representing it, but that has no effect on the outfit itself.

And that's it! When you're finished assigning outfits, head outside on your normal business. From now on, equipping and using the wand will bring up an Outfit Ring similar to your Tool Ring and you can switch outfits instantaneously. Fabulous, darling!

To remove all Wand outfits simply select the one you're wearing again and you'll return the whatever you are wearing underneath.

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