Animal Crossing

Tools are a key part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons – you'll need them to do things like catch bugs, snag fish, chop wood and much more besides. But initially, switching between each tool is a real pain in the backside – you either have to press 'X' every time you want to switch the tool you're using or cycle through them using the left Joy-Con D-Pad (left and right cycles, down puts away).

Thankfully, there is a way of making the whole process easier – but it's not available right away. Once it is, though, you'll find switching between the axe, shovel, vaulting pole, ladder and the rest much faster.

First, you need to unlock the Nook Mile Redemption program, which you'll gain access to once you've raised 5,000 Nook Miles doing things like catching bugs, planting flowers and the like. When you have 5,000 Nook Miles, speaking to Tom Nook in the Resident Services tent and use the Miles to pay off your initial bill for coming to the island.

Once you've done that, Tom Nook will upgrade your Nook Miles account and you'll be able to access the Nook Mile Redemption program on the Nook Stop terminal in the bottom-right corner of the Resident Services tent. Select the 'Tool Wheel' option (it costs 800 Nook Miles) and bingo – you can now push up on the left Joy-Con's D-pad cluster to bring up a menu which makes toggling between tools even faster than before.

Animal Crossing

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