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At long last, the powers that be have bestowed upon us a glorious update to the game that - while beloved - had begun to grow a bit stale. Swimming and diving are now official on the menu for Animal Crossing: New Horizons - and with these activities, a whole host of collectibles.

Donating sea creatures to BlathersAustin Voigt

Those who downloaded the update have undoubtedly seen the in-game announcements decreeing a brand-new set of creatures found under the sea. In addition, Pascal and his philosophical pearls of wisdom have made a return - and yes, Pascal will still trade you rare items for any scallops you uncover (this time, it's the Mermaid furniture series).

In order to partake in any of these activities, one must first acquire and wear a wetsuit - which can be purchased in the cupboard at Timmy and Tommy's for 3000 Bells after updating the game, and comes in many different styles and colors. Just what we needed - more clothing options!

Once you're suited up and ready for a swim, you can dive into our complete list of sea creatures, catching conditions and shop sell prices below:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Sea Creature Complete List

In total there are 40 sea creatures to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and they have their own page in your Critterpedia. Remember, you can donate these to Blathers at the Museum.

Here are all the Sea Creatures listed alphabetically - our thanks to the Animal Crossing Wiki on Fandom for some of the icons below. Click on the column headers to sort the sea creatures to your liking:

Image Sea Creature Shadow Size Speed Time Month
(Northern and Southern Hemispheres)
Shop Sell Price
Abalone Large Normal 4pm-9am N: Jun-Jan; S: Dec-Jul 2000
Acorn Barnacle
Acorn barnacle Small Does not move Any time All year 600
Chambered Nautilus
Chambered Nautilus Medium Slow 4pm-9am N: Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov; S: May-Nov 1800
Dungeness Crab
Dungeness Crab Large Slow Any time N: Nov-May; S: May-Nov 1900
Firefly Squid
Firefly Squid Small Normal 9pm-4am N: Mar-Jun; S: Sep-Dec 1400
Flatworm Small Normal 4pm-9am N: Aug-Sep; S: Feb-Mar 700
Gazami Crab
Gazami Crab Medium Normal Any time N: Jun-Nov; S: Dec-May 2200
Giant Isopod
Giant Isopod Large Fast 9pm-4am; 9am-4pm N: Jul-Oct; S: Jan-Apr 12000
Gigas Giant Clam
Gigas Giant Clam Large Fast Any time N: May-Sep; S: Nov-Mar 15000
Horseshoe Crab
Horseshoe Crab Medium Normal 9pm-4am N: Jul-Sep; S: Jan-Mar
Lobster Large Fast Any time N: Dec-Jan, Apr-Jun; S: Jun-Jul, Oct-Dec 4500
Mantis Shrimp
Mantis Shrimp Medium Normal 4pm-9am All year
Moon Jellyfish
Moon Jellyfish Medium Slow Any time N: Jul-Sep; S: Jan-Mar 600
Mussel Medium Does not move Any time N: Jun-Dec; S: Dec-Jun 1500
Octopus Medium Normal Any time All year 1200
Oyster Medium Slow Any time N: Sep-Feb; S: Mar-Aug 1100
Pearl Oyster
Pearl Oyster Medium Fast Any time All year 2800
Red King Crab
Red King Crab Large Fast Any time N: Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec; S: May-Sep 8000
Scallop Medium Normal Any time All year 1200
Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone Large Does not move Any time All year 500
Sea Cucumber
Sea Cucumber Large Slow Any time N: Nov-Apr; S: May-Oct 500
Sea Grapes
Sea Grapes Medium Does not move Any time N: Jun-Sep; S: Dec-Mar 900
Sea Pig
Sea Pig Medium Fast 4pm-9am N: Jan-Feb, Nov-Dec; S: May-Aug 10000
Sea Pineapple
Sea Pineapple Small Does not move Any time N: Apr-Aug; S: Oct-Feb 1500
Sea Slug
Sea Slug Small Slow Any time All year 600
Sea Star
Sea Star Medium Does not move Any time All year 500
Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin Medium Does not move Any time N: May-Sep; S: Nov-Mar 1700
Seaweed Small Does not move Any time N: Oct-Jul; S: Apr-Jan 600
Slate Pencil Urchin
Slate Pencil Urchin Medium Normal 4pm-9am N: May-Sep; S: Nov-Mar 2000
Snow Crab
Snow Crab Large Fast Any time N: Nov-Apr; S: May-Oct 6000
Spider Crab
Spider Crab Large Fast Any time N: Mar-Apr; S: Sep-Oct 12000
Spiny Lobster
Spiny Lobster Medium Normal 9pm-4am N: Oct-Dec; S: Apr-June 5000
Spotted Garden Eel
Spotted Garden Eel Medium Slow 4am-9pm N: May-Oct; S: Nov-Apr 1100
Sweet Shrimp
Sweet Shrimp Small Normal 4pm-9am N: Sep-Feb; S: Mar-Aug 1400
Tiger Prawn
Tiger Prawn Medium Normal 4pm-9am N: Jun-Sep; S: Dec-Mar 3000
Turban Shell
Turban Shell Small Slow Any time N: Sep-Dec, Mar-Ma; S: Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov 1000
Umbrella Octopus
Umbrella Octopus Small Normal Any time N: Mar-May, Sep-Nov; S: Mar-May, Sep-Nov 6000
Vampire Squid
Vampire Squid Large Fast 4pm-9am N: May-Aug; S: Nov-Feb 10000
Venus' Flower Basket
Venus' Flower Basket Large Fast Any time N: Oct-Feb; S: Apr-Aug 5000
Whelk Medium Slow Any time All year 1000

Have you gone for a swim or found any sea creatures yet? Do you have any tips or tricks for swimming and diving? Let us know down below!

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