Befriending Sable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: Austin Voigt

When you first begin visiting the tailor's shop on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll notice Sable - forever found sewing at the back left of the shop - will be a bit hesitant to talk to you from the outset. Often, when you attempt to speak to her, the younger Able sister - Mabel - will intervene and ask you to let her work in peace.

However, for anyone who has played previous games in the Animal Crossing series, you know Sable is the hedgehog with a heart of gold - and a friendship (or custom-sewn patterns) worth working for.

Guide to befriending Sable and accessing special patterns

How do you become friends with Sable at the Able Sisters' shop?

Don't give up: keep trying to strike up a conversation with Sable each time you visit the shop. Every day you speak to her, she'll begin telling you more about herself and her sisters, engaging in lengthier conversations and divulging more details as time goes on.

She'll also become friendlier towards you, and want to begin showing her appreciation for your attentiveness - in the form of hand-sewn patterns for use in furniture customisation.

Accessing patterns from Sable when customising furniture
Image: Austin Voigt

How do you get new patterns from Sable?

At a certain point into your budding friendship (about one week, by our estimation), she'll start sewing various patterns for you to use when customising most furniture with fabric on it.

So far, we've received a total of 11 sets, each comprised of 20 different patterns (we believe this may be the limit, but more could appear down the line - we'll update this article if that is the case):

  • Polka-dot print
  • Striped
  • Checkered 1
  • Checkered 2
  • Traditional 1
  • Traditional 2
  • Retro
  • Natural
  • Playful
  • Cool
  • Variety

Have you befriended Sable yet? What is your favorite set of patterns to customise furniture with? Let us know in the comments!

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