Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life

Listen — it probably seems a lot like everyone is making the same mistakes all over again with Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new content, by guzzling it all up within the first few days. Trust us, we know the feeling, especially when you have a job or responsibilities, and can't keep up. (Admittedly, our job is literally to keep up with it, but we're probably pretty unique in that.)

BUT. Having said that... We can all agree that buying from Saharah is a right pain in the hump, can't we?

Well, good news: Nintendo fixed that with Saharah's co-op shop on Harv's Island. Pay just 100,000 Bells to unlock her, and she'll set up the day after as a permanent fixture that you won't have to chase around your island, doing the same annoying dialogue over, and over, and over again.

Even better: You can actually see what she's selling, so you don't buy a super-ugly rug, and with the option to have Tortimer accessing your home storage on the island, you can check if you already have the super-ugly rug, too.

But there's more! You can now buy multiple things at once!

Oh, praise whatever camel god exists. Buying wallpaper is no longer the worst.