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In previous Animal Crossing games, beetles have always been a significant source of income for players, particularly on late-night island runs in New Leaf. Although still valuable, there are a few key differences between the beetles of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and previous entries in the series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Beetles Complete List

54. Golaiath Beetle Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs
David's catch.

Below you'll find a chart listing all of the different types of beetles, as well as every characteristic you could ever need to know about these lucrative critters.

Within the chart, the Unlock Number refers to the number of other bugs you must first catch before said beetle will appear in the wild. Just as with catching fish, certain bugs will only appear after you have captured a certain number of other bugs throughout your gameplay. Luckily, the type and rarity is not important to hit these quotas - and once you've caught 100 different insects, all species of bugs will be fully unlocked.

Additionally, the Shop Sell Price is specific to Timmy and Tommy's shop - these numbers will, of course, scale up by 150% in price when sold to Flick.

Image Beetle Name Location Time Weather Month & Hemisphere (N / S) Unlock Number Shop Sell Price
Blue Weevil Beetle
Blue Weevil Beetle Palm trees All day Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 0 800
Citrus Longhorn Beetle
Citrus Long-horned Beetle Tree stumps All day Not during rain Year-round 0 350
Cyclommatus Stag
Cyclommatus Stag Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 100 8000
Diving Beetle
Diving Beetle Skimming on water 8am - 7pm Any May-Sep (N) / Nov-Mar (S) 0 800
Drone Beetle
Drone Beetle Trees (any) All day Any Jun-Aug (N) / Dec-Feb (S) 0 200
Dung Beetle
Dung Beetle Snowballs All day Any Dec-Feb (N) / Jun-Aug (S) 0 3000
Earth-Boring Dung Beetle
Earth-boring Dung Beetle Trees (any) All day Any Jul-Sep (N) / Jan-Mar (S) 0 300
Giant Stag
Giant Stag Trees (any) 11pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 50 10,000
Giraffe Stag
Giraffe Stag Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 100 12,000
Golden Stag
Golden Stag Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 100 12,000
Goliath Beetle
Goliath Beetle Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jun-Sep (N) / Dec-Mar (S) 100 8000
Horned Atlas
Horned Atlas Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 100 8000
Horned Dynastid
Horned Dynastid Trees (any) 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 0 1350
Horned Elephant
Horned Elephant Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 100 8000
Horned Hercules
Horned Hercules Palm trees 5pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 100 12,000
Jewel Beetle
Jewel Beetle Tree stumps All day Not during rain Apr-Aug (N) / Oct-Feb (S) 20 2400
Miyama Stag
Miyama Stag Trees (any) All day Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 0 1000
Rainbow Stag
Rainbow Stag Trees (any) 7pm - 8am Any Jun-Sep (N) / Dec-Mar (S) 50 6000
Rosalia Batesi Beetle
Rosalia Batesi Beetle Trees stumps All day Not during rain May-Sep (N) / Nov-Mar (S) 20 3000
Saw Stag
Saw Stag Trees (any) All day Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 0 2000
Scarab Beetle
Scarab Beetle Trees (any) 11pm - 8am Any Jul-Aug (N) / Jan-Feb (S) 50 10,000
Tiger Beetle
Tiger Beetle On grass All day Not during rain Feb-Nov (N) / Aug-May (S) 20 1500
Violin Beetle
Violin Beetle Tree stumps All day Not during rain May-Jun, Sep-Nov (N) / Nov-Dec, Mar-Apr (S) 0 450

Tips for catching beetles

When catching any insect, you'll want to follow these steps for maximum success:

  1. Equip your net
  2. Hold down 'A' to prepare your net and slowly approach the bug by moving your joystick to as gently as possible
  3. When you see the bug stop moving, make sure your character stands still too - keep still until the bug's animation begins again
  4. Continue this until you are close enough to capture the bug

Catcher beware: the rarer the beetle, the more easily it will scare. Be careful as you approach - slow and steady wins the race.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Flick
Trade 3 specimens with Flick the bug enthusiast when he visits and he'll make a beetle model for you. He also pays the best prices if you sell him your catch.

How many beetles have you caught so far? Do you have any tips or tricks for maximum effectiveness while beetle-hunting? Let us know down below!

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