Upgraded Nook's Cranny shop in Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAustin Voigt

In each Animal Crossing game, there's something for everyone to love, and that's never been more true than with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some enjoy fishing, others spend their days breeding flowers or hunting fossils. However, we have a feeling that - like us - the majority of players also have an unhealthy obsession with shopping.

For those hooked on collecting in-game furniture and sundry household wares, you're likely eager to get your hands on some new goods at Nook's Cranny - and wondering how exactly to make this happen. Having Timmy and Tommy move out of the initial Resident Services tent into a shop of their own is a great first step, but that's just the beginning...

Upgrading Nook's Cranny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How do you expand the shop?

At this point, to update Nook's Cranny the only requirements we know for certain are the following:

  • 29 days of active game playtime
    • "Active", meaning: if you're planning to commit some time crimes and engage in some clock-altering time travel shenanigans, you'll need to do it one day at a time
    • For those who have lost all concept of time, your "days played" can be checked in the "Active Island Resident" task progress on your Nook Miles app
  • 30 each of fish / bugs / fossils donated to museum (seemingly)

It appears there may also be other basic requirements - which have often been fulfilled by most players after the 29 day mark. Rest assured that we'll update this guide if any more information comes to light.

Essentially - if you do what you're supposed to do during roughly the first month of gameplay, you'll have a shiny new shop to throw Bells at in no time!

Of course, it will also take one full day in the game for the shop to be remodeled - during which time, you will be unable to buy or sell anything with Timmy or Tommy.

"Active Island Resident" task showing number of days played in game in Nook Miles app on Nook PhoneAustin Voigt

What's in the expanded Nook's Cranny?

The upgrade to Nook's Cranny has many fancy new features, including:

  • A wider selection of items for purchase
    • More tools (sporting new designs like Star Nets and Elephant Watering Cans - which are, alas, just as breakable as the boring ones you'd craft yourself)
    • More furnishings to purchase (some on the extremely expensive end)
    • Expanded wallpaper / flooring selections every day
    • A timer! for... timing things, and... stuff
  • Two "hot items" per day (versus just one at the previous shop) so you can make bank
    • However, it appears from initial research that these "hot items" in the expanded shop are also much more difficult to find or craft

Will there be further upgrades to Nook's Cranny in the future?

Let's be honest - this is the most expansive entry in the Animal Crossing series yet, and Nintendo has already set a precedent for expansions and DLC in the game.

Although there are no indications of further expansions to Nook's Cranny yet, we'd bet our Bells on more to come in the future. Most of the previous games have included three different shop expansions, so it's very likely we'll see more to come for the Nooks down the road.

Has Nook's Cranny been upgraded on your island yet? What is your favourite new feature in the shop? Do you expect there to be more upgrades in the future? Expand the comment section with your thoughts below!

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