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Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally brought back fan-favourite fortune-teller, Katrina, in the massive 2.0 update — but her fortunes work slightly differently than they did in New Leaf. If you're wondering what on earth it means to have good luck with belongings, or how her new friendship readings affect your pals back on your home island, we've got all the info you need — and you won't need a crystal ball to figure it all out!

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Who is Katrina? What does she do?

Katrina is a fortune teller. You can get one fortune a day, and one friendship reading per day. Fortunes will predict the day's luck, and the friendship reading can tell you more about your villager relationships.

Fortune Telling

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For 1,000 Bells, Katrina will tell you about your luck for the day. Her predictions actually have effects now! The effects only come into play once you've spoken to her, so you won't have bad luck unless she tells you that you have bad luck. However... bad luck isn't necessarily a bad thing, and you'll see why.

It's best to visit Katrina before you do anything on your island — her predictions can affect things like how many friendship points you get from giving villagers gifts, your tool durability, and how much money you dig up from glowing spots. Might as well see if you can get a bonus first!

Good Luck Effects

  • Belongings (Good Luck)
    • Your tools won't break for a whole day
    • Villagers will give you more gifts
    • Guaranteed rare Kapp'n island
  • Money (Good Luck)
    • Balloon 1,000 Bell rewards are now 3,000 Bells
    • Money rocks now drop a lot more money
    • Chance of finding gold nuggets increases from 1% to 11%
    • Glowing spots contain 5,000 Bells instead of 1,000
    • Trees will from 300 Bells instead of 100 Bells when shaken
  • Health (Good Luck)
    • Double stamina from food
  • Friendship (Good Luck)
    • +1 friendship point to random villager
    • Villagers may approach you with a gift

Bad Luck Effects

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  • Belongings (Bad Luck)
    • Tools break more easily
    • Villagers give fewer gifts,
    • No gyroids on Kapp'n's islands
    • No rare islands on Kapp'n's boat tours
    • Gold Island is not available on Nook Miles tours
  • Money (Bad Luck)
    • No glowing spot for one day
    • No money rocks for one day
    • Zero chance of finding gold nuggets
    • Balloon presents containing money will always be 10,000 Bells
    • Gold Island is not available on Nook Miles tours
  • Friendship (Bad Luck)
    • -3 friendship points with a random villager
  • Health (Bad Luck)
    • Halves the stamina from food
    • Makes you trip randomly
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Fortunately, you can pay Katrina 10,000 Bells for purification if you get bad luck, and as a bonus, she'll send you a surprise in the mail the next day! (Note: If you say no to the purification, you can't go back and get it later. Also, she won't even offer it to you if you have less than 10,000 Bells in your possession, so make sure you're flush first!)


If you select "Let's talk friendship", Katrina will give you a list of your villagers. Pick one and she'll tell you how close you are with that villager for free. For 10,000 Bells, she can even boost that villager's friendship with you.

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Here's what each level means, and how much the boost will be:

Katrina's Reading Friendship Level Friendship Point Boost
I see that, as one neighbor might recognize another… 1 2
As someone who lives with you on the same island, your acquaintance… 2 2
Oh, and there is your face… And again… And again… Perhaps 20 percent of the faces… 3 2
When (he/she) eats or sleeps, (he/she) thinks of you… 4 2
I see many faces before me… You smile… You frown… 5/6 0

Does the King Tut mask give me bad luck?

Good question — yes and no! Wearing the King Tut mask will make your character trip (in a reference to New Leaf's bad luck mechanic) but it is unaffiliated with Katrina's good/bad luck fortunes. You can have good luck, and still be tripping over if you're wearing the mask!

(Thanks to Isomorphic Box for the incredible guide on Katrina's fortunes!)

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