Nintendo seems to enjoy hiding little goodies within its software and hardware; you may remember the hidden NES game that was locked inside every Switch console, and the tiny "THX2ALLGAMEFANS" message hidden on early editions of the Switch's Pro Controller. Now, another little easter egg has been discovered and it's possibly the cutest one yet.

At a recent conference looking at the Switch's system security, it was revealed that the console's kernel (the core of its operating system) sends the string "Oyasumi" when you put the Switch to sleep. "Oyasumi" means "good night" so, every time your Switch goes for a little nap, it is actually telling itself "good night" before presumably jumping into a cosy duvet with its favourite Yoshi plush by its side. 

Likewise, when you boot up the system again the kernel will send the message "Ohayo", meaning "good morning". Of course, we as consumers will never see these codes in action, but its nice to see the console's creators having a fun and geeky time whilst programming the operating system's core functions.

We don't know about you, but we've already come up with some cute little voices that will now play in our heads every time we turn the Switch on or off. Lovely stuff.

[via twitter.com]