NES Golf.png

We already knew that every Switch firmware comes with a built-in NES emulator. But further investigation by some very dedicated people has uncovered quite the bogey: the codename of the emulator "flog" spelled backwards is "golf"... that happens to be exactly what those 24 kilobytes happen to be, the NES version of Golf!

You read that right: every Nintendo Switch owner out there owns one of the original black box games for the system with full two player Joy-Con support. However, as of this moment there is absolutely no way for anyone outside of Nintendo to access it. Since Nintendo is still shying away from revealing formal Virtual Console plans for the system (though recently confirmed a series of Arcade Archives releases), it is at least reassuring to learn that everything is already tucked away and in place regarding NES / Famicom emulation. Of course, updated iterations of NES games are planned as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service in 2018, as the 'Classic Game Selection'.

Food for thought: in 1984 Nintendo made a fully fledged, two player golf simulation in just 24 kilobytes. In 2017 we need 5 gigabytes to save a game of basketball. Converting into kilobytes turns "NBA 2K18" save data into 5,242,880 kilobytes. You could hold in that amount of data roughly 218,453 copies of NES Golf. Truly we have come a long way in this industry.

However It remains unlikely we will begin to see Switch packaging with a sticker saying "NES Golf Inside!".

Thanks to all that sent this in.

*Update* Yellows8 was able to play the game and confirmed not only traditional Joy-Con support but motion control as well.