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Wed 18th Dec 2013

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imgrowinglegs commented on Review: Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (3DS):

@Faruko Obviously I can't say your opinion is wrong (because you have a right to dislike whatever you want to), but with how many different genres and styles of anime there are, how can you just dislike all of them?

That's similar to simply saying "movies suck." Sure, some movies do. But there's definitely something for everybody. On the subject of anime, there is always so much new stuff (literally 50+ new ongoing shows this season) that it's easy to find a couple that jive with you.



imgrowinglegs commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures To Utilise To...:

@ALEC_EIFFEL the "hype" behind James is that he is a very talented and passionate filmmaker. I've been a fan since around '06 or so, and watching his skills improve every year has been awesome.

He's also a great guy. I've met him twice, and both times he was really friendly and chatty.

Also worth mentioning, my favorite videos of his are both Board James episodes. Mr Bucket and Dream Phone. He can make the weirdest ideas seem pretty freaky.



imgrowinglegs commented on Archie Announces Sonic Boom Comic Book Series ...:

@Beau_Skunk I was about 8 when the Sonic Live issue came out, and my friends and I all used to pass that around to see the absurdity of it. Little me didn't think it was terrible or anything, but we all agreed that it was really weird.

I owned every issue from #0-120, including all the specials are related side-series. Sonic comics kind of defined a large portion of my childhood.



imgrowinglegs commented on Bravely Default North American Demo To Include...:


Have you ever tried a Shin Megami Tensei game? I'd recommend all of the ones available on 3DS/DS.

There's Shin Megami Tensei IV, SMT Soul Hackers, SMT Strange Journey, and the 2 Devil Survivor games.

SMT IV and Strange Journey are my two favorites of the bunch, but they're all incredibly solid and not grind-fests. Definitely not a breeze either though.