After playing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, or indeed watching extended footage online, we suspect many will be rather drawn to its charms. Yet when detailed art leaked before E3 (some information had done the rounds long before the LA event), the project was at the mercy of early opinions and the cruelty of social media. Even those still polite and patient about the game likely still felt some uncertainty around it, conceptually and because the Rabbids themselves can be a tad divisive.

In any case, opinions are certainly coming around, as project contributors like Grant Kirkhope always thought they would. Yet it's interesting to see how these leaks can impact teams; Kirkhope spoke a little about this with us, and now Eurogamer has posted a video with the composer and the game's increasingly popular creative director Davide Soliani. It gives some insight into the emotions felt within the development team when it leaked, especially as pre-E3 social media responses were sometimes rather cruel.

In any case, the tide is turning for the late August release, and for our part we thoroughly enjoyed a recent preview session with the Switch title.

Are you looking forward to this one's arrival in a few weeks?