400GB Micro SD Card

With so many tempting downloadable delights on show in the recent Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase, we did wonder how long the measly Micro SD card in our Switch could keep up. After all, who wants to be switching SD cards over to play all your games, or worse still having to delete some games?

For those who have made the choice to download Switch retail games, a 256GB Micro SD card has probably been your best bet. That is until now, as SanDisk is now cramming a whopping 400GB into a tiny SD card.

Unfortunately this 400GB card is a bit on the pricey side at $249.99 / $224.99 (not far off the actual Switch price), but some may consider it worth it for the convenience alone.

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This mighty Micro SD is available from 1st September in the UK and has a 2-4 week backorder in the US. Will you be taking the plunge?