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Wed 28th Nov 2012

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Hyrule commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

Just when I think this idiot can't get any worse he makes statements such as:
I don’t understand games like ZombiU?? Like wtf

How often do you play games: I play around an hour a day, and three or four hours each day on weekends. - Makes him an expert clearly

Someone push him off a cliff already.



Hyrule commented on Satoru Iwata: Customers Understanding The Wii ...:

Adverts adverts and more adverts. In the UK, I see adverts for Xbox & PS3 in all the right places, Cinema, Billboards, Pizza boxes, after popular shows such as Homeland. Nintendo's advertising could do with a major shake-up in the UK imo.



Hyrule commented on Developer Interview: ZombiU Producer Talks Abo...:

Picture yourself in an apocalyptic London, and your faced with your first zombie lunging head on towards you. You have a cricket bat and a flare. You swing the bat and it cracks the side of the zombies' head open. Yet it still lunges for you. You swing again, the zombie staggers back, twists it's putrid head towards you and lunges for you again. It takes three more hits to knock it to the ground, where you finish it with a final blow to the back of the head.

I picture a sweaty, bloodied, stressed out person, hence the anguished screaming of a person under duress, during melee combat.
It only adds to the already excellent atmosphere the game provides and I for one think it is a fantastic part of the game.



Hyrule commented on Wii U Selling 1.2 Games Per Console In North A...:

Spent £275 on Deluxe w/Nintendo Land. Just dropped another £100 on Tekken, Mario & Zombi U. That's my christmas present to myself and the most im willing to spend atm. Unfortunately I can't power my car with Wii U games, nor pay my rent in Eshop credits, so theres a limit to spending power



Hyrule commented on Wii U Struggles to Make an Impact in the UK So...:

I wouldn't worry personally, though I must say the advertising could be a lot better in the UK. The amount of Far cry adverts, for example, I've seen in the cinema and during breaks for popular TV shows. That's where you catch the potential gamers/adults, who may also potentially buy a Wii U for themselves and for their kids.
I could russle up a decent Wii U advert on my PC....hmmmm there's a thought



Hyrule commented on Wii U Launches In Japan To Great Fanfare:

Smaller market than US or Europe, Strong Yen, and more money made per console in US & Europe than Japan, = launch in your biggest markets first, then the subsequent ones.

On a side note, that Monster Hunter boxset is all kinds of awesome.



Hyrule commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

Great game, Mario chase with the kids is just hilarious.

As for @Samholy, people just click on his name and look at the consistent level of Wii U/Nintendo bashing of his posts. Don't feed the Troll people.