Today we've had multiple readers pass us pointers to GameCube listings on Nintendo of Europe's regional websites. When looking at the broad 'Games' category you get a large list of titles, mainly current-gen games. In the default view, however, four semi-complete GameCube game listings appear on the first page; naturally this has some dreaming of a Switch Virtual Console announcement being around the corner.

The games in question are as follows:

The initial reaction to seeing these is excitement, but at this stage we're inclined to think this is simply a bit of bad website administration. These games are showing on a page with a number of game pages that have 'TBD' entries in multiple fields. What's important to note is that this part of the website is basically a catalogue of games; ie there are listings for lots of titles across many console generations, including many that have not been on the Virtual Console at any time. Just navigate to page 150 and work your way back; you'll see what we mean.

These four titles also seem somewhat random to be any kind of accidental precursor to GameCube on a prospective Switch Virtual Console. Sonic Adventure DX seems possible, but The Chronicles of Narnia?

One likely cause of these games popping up high on this games list is simply that they're incomplete records, so they're appearing with other pages with 'TBD' values for release dates, age ratings and so on. Browsing through the lower end of the list lots of retro titles have full details, so this seems like a handful of pages that have been started and then forgotten by a Nintendo staffer doing some data entry.

That's not to say we don't still think previous reports and speculation about GameCube being planned for a potential Switch Virtual Console aren't right; for various reasons it seems like something that'll happen eventually. We just doubt these random game pages on Nintendo's European website have anything to do with the topic.

Sorry to be buzzkills, but this doesn't seem to be a smoking gun for an imminent GameCube Virtual Console announcement.