Lego City: Undercover is the next big Switch retail release, and despite the age of the title it's well worth getting excited about - it was easily one of the stand-out games on the Wii U, horrendous load times notwithstanding.

While it was intended to be a Nintendo exclusive Lego City: Undercover also came to the PS4, and in the video above you'll see that version compared to the Switch port. As you might expect, the Switch version doesn't look quite as good but the difference is surprisingly minimal - especially when the game is in full flow. In fact, during gameplay when your attention is on events taking place around you and you're not inspecting individual pixels with a magnifying glass, it's highly unlikely that you'd be able to tell them apart.

What do you make of this footage? Are you impressed with how close the Switch version is to the PS4 edition, given the difference in size and power between the two consoles? Build up a comment below to tell us.