Please be Strider, please be Strider

Digital Eclipse's Frank Cifaldi has revealed that his company is working on a new retro collection with Capcom.

Cifaldi was director and producer on the superb Mega Man Legacy Collection, and while he can't talk about this new venture at the moment, he says an announcement could come "any day now" and that the project is "really cool":

I shipped a collection called Mega Man Legacy Collection the year before last (it's been a while), and we've got another one coming out soon that they're gonna announce any day now. I don't know when - I wish I could talk about it but it's really cool.

So what could this new collection be? More Mega Man? It's the Blue Bomber's 30th anniversary this year, so the timing would be perfect. However, we're truly spoilt for choice when it comes to Capcom classics - which series would you like to see get the Legacy Collection treatment? Let us know with a comment.