Fire Emblem

In addition to Super Mario Run and Miitomo, there are currently two more games planned for release next year: Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Aside from the fact that they're in development, not a whole lot is known about these, though it is expected that they will mirror the main games in some way. Interestingly enough, a couple images were recently found in the data of Miitomo that seem to point towards the upcoming Fire Emblem game.

The Cutting Room Floor—a site dedicated to digging up data in games—recently discovered an image in Miitomo that depicts a Fire Emblem style map. On its own, this image wouldn't have drawn much attention, but another image was found close by that depicts the symbol in the officially revealed Fire Emblem Mobile logo. It's anybody's guess as to why these are in Miitomo, but it's likely that there will be some kind of cross compatibility between the apps. Perhaps these images could mean that Fire Emblem will come before Animal Crossing.

Fire Emblem Map
Fire Emblem Symbol

What do you think? What will the Fire Emblem mobile game be like? Do you think it could launch soon?