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Zen Studios Announces Another Three Tables for Zen Pinball 2

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and Doctor Strange

Zen Pinball 2 remains a unique app on the Wii U eShop, as it's free to download and then offers a range of packs and individual tables to buy. Fans of the game on Wii U have perhaps been frustrated that a number of new tables released elsewhere have failed to materialise, but following up news of The Walking Dead's table arriving on 28th August on Wii U, Zen Studios has confirmed another three tables that'll also arrive on the same day.

These are Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and Doctor Strange; all three have previously been available on other systems, but show the developer's intent to update the Wii U content to be more in line with its contemporaries. Pricing has also been confirmed for these four tables that'll hit next week — they'll cost $2.99 / €2,99 / £2.49 each.

Let us know whether you're excited by these additions to Zen Pinball 2, and be sure to check back on the website later today for our interview with the studio's Mel Kirk, where we discuss this new content and the company's Wii U plans.


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Mqblank said:

There's only one thing that'll make this news story more awesome ... that guy's eye!



Ventilator said:

I want the 4 new tables, but i think they should make some other than Marvel soon, or non movie retaled.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Ventilator Yeah, I think they're getting a bit carried away with all the Marvle and Movie tie ins. At least they has that Soccer/futball table recently. Just not on the U yet.



Legodavid18 said:

I have zero interest in GotG, but I'll get the other three tables for sure. I'd been waiting for that Doctor Strange table from some time now.



millarrp said:

I haven't really played zen pinball much in the past year (work and too many other games getting in the way lol) so I'm not sure if I will get any of these tables or not.



ACK said:

Ugh, even the Guardians of the Galaxy table is movie-based... His can such a great, under-the-radar comic property be completely usurped by a typically pointless summer action flick? It sickens me what has happened to that franchise after it was properly re-booted in 2008 as one of the better modern comic books around. Now, the new comic books suck and the movie is a domineering force of marketing and merchandise. Thanks, Disney!



Legodavid18 said:

@Mega719 I have not. I hear good stuff about it, but I feel that it's not really for me. I'll watch it if it ever comes to Netflix, though.



Ventilator said:

@Spoony_Tech : Atleast we get the best tables in my opinion. I didn't care much for the football ones anyway, but thats me.

And besides. I own most Zen tables on Steam, PS3, VITA and 360 too.
I could get football ones there eif i wanted.
I just prefer to buy the new tables only for Wii U nowadays.



SKYW4LK3R said:

I need to complete my collection so day 1 buy for me! Next time please give us the 4 Star Wars tables please! Thanks!



1wiierdguy said:

I'm gonna get all the tables on release day, been really looking forward to some new tables for ages.



joey302 said:

Cool! Hey Zen how bout hooking up with Nintendo to make some exclusive wii u Nintendo themed tables....Zelda...donkey kong..Fzero...metroid...Mario??



Mega719 said:

I don't want to spend a lot of money on just Pinball machines so what do you recommend I get of the current sets? I currently have the Avengers pack, Plants vs Zombies, and the investigation set



Spoony_Tech said:

@Mega719 Some of my favorites are Sorcerers Lair, Epic Quest, and the Fantastic Four. All those I believe are available individually and not in more expensive packs. Mars is also another fun one. Tables I would stay away from that are really hard are V12, Iron Man, and Blade.



Mega719 said:

@Spoony_Tech ok thanks I was going to try to get all the Marvel sets but I'll stay away then. I will try to get these sets though they do look cool



JaniN83 said:

Nice, good to get more tables for this game. They should also create a pack of these 3 for 7,99 .



Sean_Aaron said:

Yay! I love the Guardians film so I'll at least demo the table along with the Deadpool one. That's one confirmed sale here!



Wuneye said:

Has anyone heard of a possible sale on the other tables as part of this?



Rafie said:

If he helps....Nolan North reprises his role as the voice of Deadpool. It's hilarious too! Hehe

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