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Paper Monsters Recut Will Arrive on the Wii U eShop "Very Soon"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

New trailer sets the scene

Last year we told you about Paper Monsters Recut, a platformer with a charming aesthetic that had been confirmed for Wii U. Its arrival has taken longer than expected, yet Mobot Studios has now confirmed to us that the game has been submitted to Nintendo for approval, with the goal of releasing "very soon".

Although this was originally a mobile game, the developer have spent a year rebuilding and re-working the title for Wii U and PC, promising "full 1080p HD graphics, with new dynamic lighting, real-time shadows, and extra polish". Unsurprisingly it's a world made out of paper, cardboard and string, with various established platforming ideas — double jumping, dashing — joining some wackier additions such as jetpacks and lasers; collectibles are also touted as a major part of the experience.

You can see the latest trailer below, which shows off some of the environments, boss encounters and variations in gameplay. Are you interested in this one? Let us know, and we'll have an interview with Mobot Studios to share soon.

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KoopaStarRoad said:

Yeah... Another Indie Title. But the graphics/gameplay look good... Still better then Little Big Planet by far!



bouncer0304 said:

Had it as a free app of the day on my phone a while ago. It's pretty good fun and good to see it's not just a direct port.



japfelix said:

looks good but at times the animation kinda looks awkward. still buying this though



Stu13 said:

Cool, cool. I'll take artistic platformers all day long. That music in the trailer is phenomenal as well.



SyntheticPerson said:

The music reminds me of "Close to me" by The Cure.

This looks good, but I can't help but feel that it is yet another platformer!



Shambo said:

Reminds me of a couple of games, all of which speak highly of what I'd expect from a game that reminds me of them. So please, DELIVER



ricklongo said:

Been keeping an eye on this one. Super-charming graphics and great music. Sign me up.



Fletcher-Mobot said:

Thanks for the positive comments.
My name is James from Mobot.
I just thought I'd pop on to say if anyone wants to add me, I'm "robotwizard" on the Wii U and I'm pretty into Mario kart.



S3OL said:

@MobotJames Hey! I'll be sure to add you next play session!

This game looks promising. Though I will wait for the reviews before I purchase. I have very limited funds.



DBPirate said:

I thought this said Paper Mario at first...darn it article, you got me excited!



Troggy said:

I remember playing this game on a demo unit iPad and enjoying it. I think the inclusion of buttons on the Wii U version would make me purchase this game. I'm looking forward to it. It gives me a Paper Mario vibe.



piggie_pie said:

I've played this already... only it was called Little Big Planet.

Looks awesome though

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