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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures To Utilise Touch Screen and 3D Effect

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Character swapping, stats and info on Wii U and 3DS second screens

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has been available on PC for a good while now, yet considering the relevance of Nintendo systems to the YouTube series — which now has a feature movie approaching release — some have been particularly keen to play it on Wii U and 3DS. A recent update pegged it as coming "very soon" to the big N's platforms.

Publisher ScrewAttack has now outlined a couple of details to us on the features that will be utilised on Nintendo's systems. In both versions the touch screen on offer will "allow you to change characters and provide additional information, like powerup descriptions and stat tracking". The 3DS version, meanwhile, will have autostereoscopic 3D — surprisingly not something that can always be taken for granted — but doesn't have any StreetPass functionality planned at the moment. It seems the title will make some use of the platforms' respective features, but developer FreakZone Games is clearly limiting its scope to fairly standard concepts for these Nintendo ports.

As tweeted previously, it's been emphasized that the title will arrive on both systems soon, with ScrewAttack telling us that we can expect it to be available "within the next few months". It will arrive later in Europe, however.

Is this a title you're looking forward to playing on Wii U or 3DS?

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anthonysea said:

Honesty suprised Nintendo's going to release this but again, they're publishing Bayonetta 2 so i guess i shouldn't be suprised. Anyway, i'll buy this.



unrandomsam said:

I have played it on the PC. Funnily enough even though in many ways it isn't perfect. I got the main thing I remember from old games from it. (Which I didn't really from Shovel Knight - The satisfaction from doing each level).



ToneDeath said:

I feel I should mention that the Angry Video Game Nerd movie should be having its premiere at the Los Angeles Egyptian Theatre. ...within the next three hours!



retro_player_22 said:

AVGN (James Rolfe) is a Nintendo player first so he wants his game to be on Nintendo's consoles before any other consoles.



FragRed said:

@anthonysea Nintendo aren't releasing this, they just allow it on their eShop. And I doubt they care anyway, they want mature games right now.



sinalefa said:


Well, there is a reason why he used to be called the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

I am willing to try this, and as usual, I will prefer the Wii U version.



sevex said:

I'll definitely get this on 3DS! I've been wanting to play it.



Mega719 said:

I watched the other trailer and this game looks like a complete ripoff of Mega Man and Castlevania (which isn't a bad thing) you can can tell directly what inspired most locations and enemies



Mega719 said:

I laugh at all comments questioning Nintendo accepting Mature games. Nintendo isn't "kiddie" anymore they represent the mature audience now



KodyDawg said:

I'm not a fan of AVGN, but I think this idea is awesome. More YouTubers need the video game treatment like this. I'm lookin' at you, NormalBoots and HiddenBlock. Maybe a fighting game between the two aforementioned groups?



GreatPlayer said:

It's a good game. The fun thing about this game is that after playing on an easier level you want to raise the difficulty. The shortcoming of this game is that the game is short, but mastering the hardest difficulty will make you play it for a long time.



Pac-Fan said:


I don't know how Micro$oft fan-boys can call nintendo "Kiddie" or "Casual",When M$ made the kinnect,Made Rare make bad games for it,and made the xbone more casual than the Wii.




...And once more I cannot understand the hype for this guy. I mean, he was once good at reviewing during his 06-09 days, but that was years ago and this game at best looks half-decent. Don´t get me started on his "movie".



KodyDawg said:

Don't forget to incorporate Hidden Block! How about...Super Hidden Boots Bros.? Or Super Normal Block Bros.? Lol, I seriously hope it becomes a reality. With voice acting and everything!



Action51 said:

Holy $&#, this &$@ game coming to Nintendo platforms? I'd rather suck the &$@%* of a dead %#$@ then....

Okay, you get the idea. Wow...I'm really surprised this is coming to Nintendo. James Rolfe is probably flipping out and I'm shocked that something with so much swearing is on Nintendo.




Action51 said:

@Mega719 - To be fair, this game spoofs classic Nintendo games directly. It includes a tutorial spouting sprite named "Nag-y" that insists you "listen" to her obvious game hints. All similarities to classic Nintendo games are totally intentional.



imgrowinglegs said:

@ALEC_EIFFEL the "hype" behind James is that he is a very talented and passionate filmmaker. I've been a fan since around '06 or so, and watching his skills improve every year has been awesome.

He's also a great guy. I've met him twice, and both times he was really friendly and chatty.

Also worth mentioning, my favorite videos of his are both Board James episodes. Mr Bucket and Dream Phone. He can make the weirdest ideas seem pretty freaky.



ToneDeath said:

@imgrowinglegs The Mr. Bucket and Dream Phone vids really are excellent, and are probably the two that best demonstrate his creativity, skill and passion for horror movies.



bofis said:

If only there was cross-buy we wouldn't have to make a choice...however, with stereoscopic pixel graphics, I may have to lean toward 3DS



AceChaos said:

NOT play Angry Video Game Nerd? I'd rather eat th- Eh, there are kids reading. XD



KTT said:

I got this already so I'm not interested with 3DS version.



GreatPlayer said:

Although aVGN is a good game, after playing the PC version I do not see how the use of the gamepad will enhance much of the gameplay.

The game that makes the best use of the gamepad, in my opinion, is Pikmin 3. The use of the gamepad as a device that helps you pinpoint a specific targettremendously enhance the ease of playing the game. The map-system that allows direct instruction to a character on where to go next also seriously enhances the strategic component of the game, over and above Pikmin 2.



Mega719 said:

@Action51 I really just meant that as a joke I know this game spoofs classic game which is what that show focuses on. Bad retro gaming



AlexSora89 said:

I'm still both amazed at the fact the AVGN's profanity is coming to the 3DS, and kind of shocked a product based on a review show with so much focus on Nintendo consoles has taken so long to come out 'round these parts, at the same time.

I also wonder if the game will feature my language, Italian, as AVGN fansubs are featured even on the official AVGN channel (via YouTube captions).

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