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An Iconic Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld Theme Gets the Smooth McGroove Treatment

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Who can resist that?

We imagine many of you are already familiar with Smooth McGroove, a hugely popular presence on YouTube that's highly regarded for his weekly Acapella music videos. His rise to prominence has been particularly impressive, with his focus on retro titles also helping to establish a dedicated audience.

While all of his videos are essential viewing, this latest one shouldn't be ignored — it tackles one of the most famous themes in gaming history. It's a legendary overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, which we bet you're singing in your head already.

It's below for your viewing and listening pleasure, and if you want to know more about the man behind the mic don't forget to check out our interview — or Ninterview, if you prefer.

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Dpishere said:

I have listened to almost every one of the songs he has covered and would have to say my personal favorites are Aquatic Ambience, Stickerbrush Symphony, Dreamer, and Gourmet Rush. All of those are top-notch and I love listening to them in order to hear parts in the original songs that I didn't even notice were there! Smooth is talented for sure!



DerpSandwich said:

Hey mods, can you just start deleting the "must be a slow news day" comments? It's getting REALLY old, and they never fail to crop up on every single "for fun" article.

Anyway, Smooth is the best. He's sort of like Weird Al; he tackles songs that normally I wouldn't have listened to and makes versions I love to hear regularly.



Savino said:

@Stratostar Yes, this is news! Curiosities, random facts, trivias, tributes related to nintendo and videogame world are always news!!!

Nintendo really should put this guy's music as an option in the next Mario!



LtAldoRaine said:

Why do people always complain when sites just share cool, fun stuff like this? Yeah, this is a news site, but what's the harm in just showing well done game-related entertainment like this in a website for gaming fans?

Anyway, great work again by McGroove. I always felt this overworld song was a bit overshadowed by the Athletic theme from the same game. I like the overworld song more. Both are great, though.



GuSolarFlare said:

@Savino a Mario game with a McGroove version soundtrack option? that'd be the best sound option(extra?) in a game since the GB player in Heart Gold/Soul Silver!



0utburst said:

LOL. I love it! My favorite and the best Super Mario game ever! It has also the best music among Super Mario games that blend well with the game (it felt right and good).

This is also one of the first 2 games that I went emotional when I was a kid (when I saved Princess Peach). the other game was Tsuru Pika Hagemaru: Mezase! Tsuru Seko no Akashi on the last scene before the final boss fight.



World said:

I came in here all riled up and ready to rant about how if Mr. McGroove was a Mrs. the comments would be nothing but snarks at his...unconventional appearance (assuming it was some equivalently girl-weird, non-facial hair-related thing; bearded ladies gonna draw talk and that's a fact).

HOWEVER, the groove is getting me and I want him to cover every song.



World said:

@outburst I just have to ask. How do you "go emo" at a game? Do you mean just cry? Write songs about it? Get into this epic flow where you believe you're in the game and you get chills taking down the enemy or matching the blocks?

'Cause, like, I've been there. Wouldn't have necessarily called it "emo," but I've been there.



0utburst said:

I can't really find the right word honestly so I settled for "emotional". It's like I get emotionally involved with how the character would probably have felt coupled with the mood that the music brought. I was also inspired in some way. I was 7 In SMB1, I was like "okay I saved the princess. I'll make another run." But in SMB3, it was different the first time. I think after that I went looking for my first real world princess.

Watching the ending again made me feel what I've felt 25 years or so ago. But it's funny thinking about it now.



0utburst said:

LOL I meant emotional. I edited my post just in case there are other meaning of "emo" I didn't know of in what I wanted to say. Haha!



KodyDawg said:

Everything is better with Smooth. Which is exatly why I put him in Tomodachi Life.



World said:

@outburst That's cool, though! Personally, I try not to play games that don't get a reaction like that out of me.



Samwise7 said:

I listened but had to look away, the multitude of facial expressions were just a step too far towards irritating for me.



Giygas_95 said:

Amazing how he can practically be a one man orchestra.

Uhhhggg now I've gotta go play SMB3.



MJKOP said:

@Interneto Some people go out of their way to be picky, rude, smart, these people put a lot of time and effort in to their articles, and I'd imagine it's very tiresome and frustrating to post an article only for it to be dismissed with things like 'slow news day...', is it any wonder they snap back at times in the comments



Pod said:

I want to make a game and have a composer write music specifically for McGroove to perform. I will win alll "best original soundrack" awards!



Dooyoo said:

It most certainly is news. I had not heard of this guy until I read this article. Now I am a happier person today because I discovered this amazing talent, and I can listen to him at work. If an article that informs me of something that I previously had no knowledge of, enriches my life in some way, isn't that "newsworthy"? If it's not, I don't know what is.



Grimlock_King said:

All kinds of epic. From the first time I played super mario bros 3. To when I discovered smooth mcgroove.

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