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Play: Mario Golf: World Tour - Results and Round Two

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The gauntlet has been thrown down

It's the moment that golfers have been waiting for, the results of the opening NLife Open and NLife Masters tournaments in Mario Golf: World Tour, in addition to the launch of the new tournaments. It's on!

Let's start with the winners. These show-offs took up the top three positions in both tournaments, while the NLife Masters saw all three on the same score, but we've gone with the rankings that the game applied. A fierce battle, and NLife veteran and reviewer Marcel van Duyn — aka Drake — has seized the crown in both competitions. You lot in the community aren't going to let a staff member have all the glory, are you?


NLife Open — 165 entrants:

1st Place — Drake
2nd Place — Dragon :3
3rd Place — Clayton

NLife Masters — 90 entrants:

1st Place — Drake
2nd Place — Dragon :3
3rd Place — Clayton

To start off, below are the details for the seven day tournament that's open right now. To access it you'll need to select "Search by Code" in the "Private Tournament" area of the Mario Golf Quick Play section.

  • Code 38-1178-3488-9460, tournament name NLife Open.
  • This is 18 holes on the Seaside Course (second course in the Castle Club). Stroke Play, Auto items, coins slots disabled, coins on, Tournament tees, Normal Wind.

Just like last week, you get to set the rules for the NLife Masters. We're going to protect you from your cautious selves and limit the options. This is supposed to be the Masters after all, so step up!

What course would you like to play? (54 votes)

Peach Gardens


Yoshi Lake


Wiggler Park


Cheep Cheep Lagoon


DK Jungle


Bowser's Castle


Please login to vote in this poll.

Which mode would you like to play? (51 votes)

Stroke Play


Speed Golf


Point Play


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Where do you want the tees to be positioned? (52 votes)







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Which characters should be available? (53 votes)

Only Mario


Only Luigi


Only Peach


Only Yoshi


Only Daisy


Only Donkey Kong


Only Bowser


Only Wario


Only Waluigi


Only Boo


Only Bowser Jr.


Only Diddy Kong


Only Mii Characters


Please login to vote in this poll.

Which items should be available? (52 votes)

Use the 'Auto' setting


One of each


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Do you want Club Slots enabled? (52 votes)





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Do you want coins enabled? (52 votes)





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Choose your wind strength (53 votes)







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Before you all ask, we haven't forgotten some choices — we're forcing your hand. The characters poll will allow Star characters for the winning choice (aside from Mii characters), as this tournament is supposed to be a greater test of skill; players won't be penalised for unlocking these star characters. We'll take the poll results at 5pm UK time / 6pm Central Europe / noon Eastern / 9am Pacific on Sunday and launch the Masters with a fresh article on Monday.

Don't forget, search for 38-1178-3488-9460 in the Private Tournament section to join the NLife Open. Good luck!

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User Comments (38)



XCWarrior said:

Did my voting, and retweeted so others can see. Looking forward to posting some scores this weekend. I cannot get enough of this awesome game!



Discipledoctor said:

I'm choosing the most random stuff and yet, someone else already has. DK Jungle, Speed Golf, Boo only. Let's do this.



Sherman said:

As I thought, miis. Everyone wants crazy stuff, but want to at least even the odds by playing only miis. I'm down with that. And congrats to the winners.



unrandomsam said:

@Sherman How does that even the odds ? If everyone is using the same character then it is impossible for it to be any more even than that.



Sherman said:

You're right. @unrandomsam. I ment that only one characer, Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Mii, etc., it's better than all characters. But yeah, from all the just-one-character options, mii it's the less even. But more than all characters option, though.



Klimbatize said:

Just got my first albatross while playing in this tournament. Yay. I posted it on Miiverse.

EDIT: Oh right, I can put the screenshot here, too.




santaglause said:

i got in the top 20, pretty happy with that result, i'm pretty shocked more people didn't buy this, great game!



Spoony_Tech said:

I think I finished 4th.......twice. blah! You would think by now I would've accidentally got a hole in one or albatross by now! geez!



DadOfFour1972 said:

Enjoyed last weeks and just voted. Maybe next week exclude Mii's from the vote - just a thought. Will have a go later



Sherman said:

I'm so surprised all top 3 players here got lower scores than the top of the Nintendo World Tournament #1!! You could´ve been the best of the world!!



DreamOn said:

Ok. I suck. But I'm not the worst and for that I'm satisfied. Will have a go at the next one to make the skilled players look good again, lol



JaxonH said:


I wish they would have listed the top 20 with scores for each member. I was curious to see where I placed. I shot a -21, which certainly wasn't the best score, but I know it couldn't have been THAT far down the list. A top 20 list would have made my day. I mean, there's like over 150 people competing...



Windy said:

@Spoony_Tech well that baseball game was my only game since the Disney game. It literally was the only game I could afford in the last month and half. I'm working on getting Mario Golf. I will more than likely either trade in Pokemon which I never play or Mario 3d which I also never play. I probably should have got Mario Golf on day 1 it sounds to be right up my alley with the online options. I've just been really broke. Sucks to be out of work. I don't know what I will do if I can't go back. I guess I will have to limit myself to 3 or 4 new games per year I hope I can pick some good ones



Windy said:

@Spoony_Tech My wife just bought me Mario Golf for my Birthday which is June 2nd. Weird timing haha. She came into our room where I was watching basketball. Asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her Mario Golf for 3ds she asked how much I told her and she said, "Buy it now!". That's your birthday present along with a nice dinner I'm trying to decide on Cartridge or download. My impatient side is saying , " Download it, Download it now!" lol



Windy said:

@Spoony_Tech Well I ordered it from Amazon. They are still running the over 35.00 dollars gets free shipping so I bought Mario Golf 29.99 and PES Soccer 2013 for 8.98 and I got free shipping so I got 2 games for price of 1 basically. I will have them by Friday. Who knows if I will play the soccer but I actually do like a good soccer game every now and then. The soccer game got great reviews and also has online play.



smikey said:

If only the shoulder buttons bothered to work on my 3ds I'd love to enter already been replaced once wouldn't mind if it wasn't the zelda one but i'm not using the others now that is the only one I play games on (in theory)



Prof_Clayton said:

@smikey This game doesn't use theL button, and the R button only speeds up the animations, which there's also a touchscreen button for. You should be able to fully enjoy the game.



smikey said:

@Prof_Clayton Damn it seemed like I was missing something in the demo not being able to use them.
I'll give it a go tomorrow getting bored of tennis & club football still hasn't really grabbed me when I play it despite me loving football (& football management games) & going to Wembeley this Saturday

Thanks for letting me know



B3ND3R said:

I guess I should jump onto this soon... When my new Debit Card comes around I guess I'll download it!



JohnG said:

Must admit, I have not played a game as addictive as this for ages. I absolutely love it.
People out there who are on the fence about Mario Golf should get a copy and get swinging. It's brilliant!



Sherman said:

This would've been a day one buy for me if I had the money. I've always loved Mario Golf games since N64. The thing is, people run away from the word "golf" like if it's the plague. My Girl just said "Love, it's golf. The most boring thing in the world" when I talk so stocked about the game since I got it. And she loves videogames, she just wasn't crazy about golf. Then I told her to download the demo and give it a go. The next day I was chatting with her and remind her of the demo, she said "... i've been playing it for two hours straight".
Let this be a lesson to you indecisive ones out there.

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