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New World Record Set for Super Mario 64 120 Star Speed Run

Posted by Jowi Meli

Who said Sonic was the fastest thing alive?

Speed runner Siglemic has collected all of Super Mario 64's 120 Power Stars in one hour, 43 minutes and 54 seconds, setting a world record for the completion of the 120 Star run. The complete run can be seen on Siglemic's Twitch channel — the glorious proof for anyone who might question this blazingly fast time.

As per usual for the ever-meticulous speed runner, Siglemic outlined some of the ways he trimmed his time and customized the experience to his liking. For one thing, he played the game on a Nintendo 64 using the Japanese edition of Super Mario 64, which he says has a 2.7 second advantage in the introduction; he also made sure to note the increased dead zones of the analogue controls in the Wii Virtual Console version as his reason for not picking that iteration.

Siglemic puts his estimated total play time of Super Mario 64 at a whopping 5000 hours — how's that for extending a game's lifespan? As usual, it's amazing to see a dedicated player completely master a game they love. Unfortunately, don't expect to see a Super Mario Galaxy run from this particular speed runner any time soon; in his FAQ, he informs us what he thinks of Nintendo's best-selling Wii platformer: "I don't like it."

What do you think of this incredible speed run?


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6ch6ris6 said:

what??? he doesnt like super mario galaxy?!
now he i truly know he must be insane



0utburst said:

I just came back to console gaming late last year and I don't like Mario Galaxy that much either compared to NSMBU and SM3DW.

Nintendo please make Mario 64 HD!



KeeperBvK said:

The first Galaxy was a major letdown. Thanks goodness the game that allegedly was glorified DLC (Galaxy 2) was infinitely better.



Moose_4 said:

Just watched the first 10 minutes and its brilliant to watch.
I have 149 stars on the DS version, cannot remember what secret star i need to get as i have cleared every course.



RupeeClock said:

I'm surprised this article doesn't mention just how much of an improvement the record is.
And surprisingly? It's only 7 seconds! But a new WR is a WR!



Nintenjoe64 said:

It took me about that long to defeat the second Bowser in 64 the other day. I just kept throwing him between the mines!

I can't believe he doesn't like Galaxy. I agree that it's no 64 but to me it's the only one that comes close. Sunshine was ok but speed running it must be horrible with all of those cutscenes.



PikminWorld said:

I thought people really liked Super Mario Galaxy. Then again I thought people loved Brawl and Mario Kart Wii but, it appears not too many people I know are fond of either of those games. :c Amazing time though.



XyVoX said:

This guys really talented in this VID but it just goes to show how CRAP the level design is in most games nowadays. How simplified hand holding nonsense is everywhere in video games.



Dark-Link73 said:

I didn't care for Galaxy either. The only reason I liked Galaxy 2 was because of the throwback levels and the classic SM64 songs in a few of the other levels.

Long live SM64!



Kicked2TheKirb said:

I like this guy. He speed runs mario 64 and doesnt like Galaxy. I thought I was the only one who didnt like It.



Haxonberik said:

I can't understand how someone can spend 5000 hours in an old Mario game and still reject a new and arguably much better iteration just like that. I can hardly play through my favorite games twice before I urge to get a new game in the series.



KeithTheGeek said:

@Haxonberik Different game feel. It's been a while since I've tried it but I'm honestly not a big fan of how Galaxy controls versus, for example, Sunshine. Galaxy's levels are also much linear than those present in SM64. The different controls and level design philosophy is NOT a bad thing, though, which is the key difference between him saying "I don't like it" and him outright saying it's a bad game.

Galaxy is infinitely more polished and has a better presentation than either of its predecessors, but I can still safely say I enjoyed Sunshine a lot more despite its flaws. For Siglemic, it's probably a similar sort of deal for Super Mario 64.



SurferClock said:

Man, my best 120-star run is 4 hours and 8 minutes. Clearly I need to step up my game to even come CLOSE to anything resembling a good run.



Trikeboy said:

While this is a world record, it can clearly be done faster as he makes a couple of mistakes. I look forward to seeing him beat his own record.



SebCroc said:

So why do some of you guys dislike Mario Galaxy? Both were brilliantly crafted.



Pj1 said:

Still got to complete it! it took me an hour once to get the star from the eel, not good!!



S-Miyahon said:

He did make a few mistakes in the speed run that costed him a few seconds though. Hopefully that means there'll eventually be a new record!

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