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Capcom is Holding a Weapon Design Contest for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Posted by Conor McMahon

Take a break from hunting to get creative!

Following on from a successful contest previously held for the release of Monster Hunter Tri back in 2009, Capcom has once again asked hunters to show their artistic side and design a weapon for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The winning designs will be featured in-game, so you can look forward to potentially seeing your creation carve up a mighty Rathian.

To enter, your design must be based off one of the 14 weapon classes available, including both new additions to the series — the Insect Glaive and Charge Blade. You'll need a name and illustration, and can provide an optional description up to 100 words to help contextualize your overall vision.

Two winners will be picked; one from North/South America and one from Europe, so make sure you label those submissions accordingly with your country of origin. There's only one entry allowed per person as well, with a deadline of 9am (Pacific) / 12pm (Eastern) / 5pm (UK) / 6pm (CET) on 5th May.

Need some inspiration? Check out the winning entries from last time right here, and make sure to read over the full set of rules on Capcom's official blog. Good luck!


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ShadJV said:

Oh my god I need to draw something! I mean, I know it's unlikely to get picked but... A monster hunter weapon! Seriously! Oh man, which weapon... Switch axe? Dual blades? Gunlance? So many choices and I gotta pick one!



ShadJV said:

Just had a thought: with 14 weapon types, they really should pick 14 winners, one for each type. I suppose it's more work but it'd be really cool to see the winner of each type...



GuSolarFlare said:

I'm entering it!
time to put to use all those history classes I wasted drawing weapons due to the lack of a good teacher in high school!

love how they keep it clear that the monetary value of the price is ZERO! XD



Player4 said:

I think I'll enter, it seems fun. Never designed a weapon though.. So I'm not expecting to win



Kaze_Memaryu said:

The winners from the last contest didn't really impress me, so I'll give one of my designs some detail and try it!



Excep7ional said:

This is a cool idea. I have some sick designs for some weapons but I probably won't enter seeing as how I don't play Monster Hunter. Can't wait to see what the winning designs look like though.



sinalefa said:

You can say it is a contest, but I won't do your job for you, Capcom.

They could perfectly throw a MH4 3DS XL with a copy of the game in addition to have the weapon in the game, but I guess they are too cheap for that.



Megumi said:

Eh, I just want to jump around with the Glaive already, wanna ride a Brachy and rampage the area. (even though you can't really do that, lol)



ShadJV said:

@sinalefa I wouldn't say having two weapon designs drawn by fans is really is "doing their job". I mean, considering there's hundreds of weapons, making two more isn't that hard for them, coding them in and making the models is almost all of the real work, which they'll be doing anyways. It's more so a couple fans can proudly tell their friends, "I made that awesome sword you're using!" That can't simply be bought at stores like a 3DS or a game can. Of course, if that prize isn't appealing to you, no need to enter, plenty of people are ecstatic for this chance. though it's unlikely any one of us will be picked, but eh, I'll do a quick little doodle, chance to be creative!



Klunk23 said:

Well. Looks like the competition isn't open to anyone under 18. That's a disappointment. Well, good luck to anyone else entering.



Morpheel said:

I sent mu design, but it seems all the elaborate description I wrote got lost thanks to the email app in my ipad :<



Cosats said:

It says on the terms: "If a Canadian resident wins a prize, that person must also answer correctly within a 5 minute time period a mathematical skill-testing question without the benefit of any calculating devices before the prize will be awarded". Why Canadians have this additional rule from all the rest of the world?



KnightOfNothing said:

I love drawing things, esecially weapons, but I think I'll opt out. I don't think my skills are up to par right now. I need some more practice.



Klinny said:

@Cosats Canadian law does not allow contests to give out prizes in "games of chance". They do, however, allow prizes to be given out for skill-based contests, (or games of chance that include a skill testing question...) Usually the question is ridiculously easy and sometimes they will even tell you the answer beforehand. It's just a technicality to make it legal.

Edit: Though considering this is a skill-based contest, I have no idea XD

Anyways, I may enter this, (though my weapon-drawing skills aren't fabulous). I'm already entering a Monster Designing Contest for Earthlock and a Costume Contest for Twisted Fusion, (those Kickstarter games) so hopefully I'll have time for this one too!



Fuzzy said:

Would love to enter this contest, designing either a Hunting Horn or a Lance, but probably wont get around to it.

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