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Video: Steel Empire Proves Sega Aren't The Only 3DS Remake Experts

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Let battle commence!

Earlier today we had the pleasure of telling you that Steel Empire was coming to the US eShop, and now we can add to that exciting announcement with freshly-captured video footage of the Japanese version of the game.

Steel Empire originally released on the Mega Drive over twenty years ago, and a GBA remake followed in 2004 (but sadly didn't make its way to North America). Steampunk-themed shoot 'em ups are unfortunately not as common as we'd like them to be, so seeing this classic turn up on 3DS in any form would have been a real treat — it's even better to see it spruced up with the care and polish a game of this calibre deserves.

We'll have a full Matters of Import preview up soon, but for now you can prepare yourself for some steampunk shooting action by watching the video of the first level below.

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unrandomsam said:

Yeah but it is a port - Ocarina of Time 3D and Starfox 64 3D are the competition. (And in the same sort of price bracket).



Shiryu said:

Wow, I was hoping for a simple Megadrive up-scale port. Looks much nicer than what I was expecting.



unrandomsam said:

Why only previews ? reviews are better. (Nobody seems to do import reviews any more).



JJtheTexan said:

Sold. Never heard of this before today... now I want to learn more

Localization / English text obviously needs a bit of work, but that shouldn't be a problem.



Gerbwmu said:

Lots of interesting and good news on nintendolife today........maybe I should complain that all you post are good news articles.........

I haven't played a good shooter in a while......maybe this will make the cut.



Ralizah said:

It's a little embarrassing when you compare the quality of Ninty's and Sega's 3D Classics releases. Not only does Sega give you a multitude of customization options in the re-releases, it also chooses super-iconic games to release in this way. I mean, granted Nintendo has Kirby's Adventure, which is an absolute gem, but most of them are horrible choices. Xevious? TwinBee? URBAN CHAMPION?! Imagine how awesome a 3D Classics version of Super Mario Bros. 3 or A Link to the Past would be.

Anyhow, as long as the game is priced similar to Sega's 3D re-releases ($5 - $10), I'll totally pick this up ASAP. Might hold off for a sale if it gets more into the $15 - $20 range.



supremii said:

@Marshi I could not find another way of contacting that is why I post it here.

Lovefilm had not been available before, at least not in Germany. It is still not available in the other European countries except for the UK.



Farmboy74 said:

Looking like a very good update of an old megadrive game I used to own back in the day.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I never played Steel Empire before but this looks like my kind of shmup. Will pick it up when it releases



MuchoMochi said:

This looks really great, but my digital only price is nothing above 15-20 dollars. Hopefully it is fairly priced, I really want to play it!



ecco6t9 said:

Considering how rare the GBA version is becoming $30 may be a bargain for the eShop version.



Dyltheman said:

Been playing this on my jap 3ds and the game is incredible, solid framerate great visuals and 3ds, esp when your plane first flies into the screen and explosions. Also has achievements and you can practice individual stages once you finish them.



Damo said:

@unrandomsam This will be hitting the NA eShop this year, which is when we'll review it. We always try to review games when they launch in the west, which is when the majority of our readers will have the chance to read the review and then use it to decide on making a purchase.

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