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The 3DS is Now Three Years Old in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Onwards and upwards

A month ago we reported that the 3DS had reached its third birthday in Japan — it's now reached the same landmark in Europe as of today, 25th March.

After the usual pre-launch buzz the 3DS had a mixed first year, but has since gone from strength to strength. Going into its fourth year it has upcoming releases such as Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf: World Tour and, of course, Super Smash Bros. We anticipate more big releases for 2014 to be announced in due course, but with a substantial userbase worldwide the portable has established itself in multiple regions. While not a reflection of the whole of Europe, it's certainly positive that the 3DS was the UK's top-selling system in 2013.

So raise a glass to the 3DS, Europe. The North American anniversary is also very close, so naturally we plan to celebrate it accordingly.

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JeffreyG said:

Wow, it sure has been an amazing time. So many great games, and so many more to come (hopefully ).



sinalefa said:

If it wasn't for you, Nintendo would be dooomeedd!!

So of course I love you, 3DS!



rjejr said:

3 years already? Time for the 3Di or 4DS or 3DU or whatever Nintendo whats to call the next upgrade. Surely the non3D mono sound non-folding never released in Japan 2DS is not the next step in the 3DS evolution. Which is probably why Japan hasnt gotten it yet, holding off for the improvement, not the downgrade. Nintendo is slow to update their home consoles but the portables are constantly evolving: Gameboy, color, SP, advanced; DS, lite, I

Has the Wii Mini been released in Japan?



KTT said:

"We'll use this cake again in seven years"
I'm counting on you.



ledreppe said:

Had it since day -1, still remember opening the protective sleeve of my first ever handheld, then opening the system for the first time. I remember hearing the system menu jingle for the first time. It's been a non stop roller coaster since, and I hope it continues for a few more years. Happy Birthday, 3DS!



Dark-Link73 said:

"We'll use this cake again in seven years" Phew! You restored my faith in you. I thought you were loosing it by using a pic of a 3DS cake with a 10 on it to celebrate its third anniversary, lol.



cfgk24 said:

Today! My Launch Day UK 3DS is 3 years old! It has been with me to Japan, China, Spain, France, It got rescued with me from an abandoned yacht 200 miles out to sea, it played an international music festival using 3DS exclusive software. I do all my artwork on it, I compose music on it, It looks fantastic, it works fantastic. I use it as my main music player and it goes hiking with me wherever I go. I love Streetpass, I love the pedometer. I use it at work and as a strong basis for my social life. It feels good in my pocket travelling through airports and on trains - like an old friend travelling companion. It brings me joy! In the meantime - I am on my 3rd out of date/broken smartphone, my 3rd laptop and sold my tablet in those 3 years. . My UK Launch Day Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS Console is still Completely Current, working perfectly and achieves more than I ever thought it would! Nintendo - I thank you!



Findonovan95 said:

Epic. I remember going into GAME a day before the launch and them asking me if I wanted to pre-order the 3DS. I was laughing and said "Nah, I've already got it at home.". They looked so angry, good times.



ReigningSemtex said:

I remember waiting outside for my local GAME to open to pick up my pre ordered 3ds can't believe that was 3 years ago already. Pretty much only had pilotwings or street fighter 4 3d to choose from.



dimi said:

It already shows its age. Screen resolution could have been better. And whats next after Pokemon, Zelda, Marios, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 4? Persona spin off? Where is Kings Quest IX sequel? A real Final Fantasy rpg? Golden Sun 4? I'm afraid sales will start slow down.



neohopeSTF said:

@dimi Kirby and Mario Golf are also a thing and based on past Final Fantasy games Bravely Default is as real as real can get for Final Fantasy RPGs other games will obviously be announced in NDs and e3 for the 3DS, I do agree though that a new Golden Sun should happen!



divinelite said:

Well counting against vita release, 3ds offering is much to low for 2014. Hope more will be told in next direct

Then again, too much game means I have to pass many game released on vita



TySoN_F said:

I remember when I was still in High School I did a report on the 3DS for my 2nd Yr Science class. The report was that you had to do research on up and coming technology and I picked this no-glasses 3D system haha. Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 years.

Shout outs to all the haters who said the 3DS was a failure ^-^ lol



10000mario said:

@TySoN_F Yeah, I love going back and looking up old articles a few months after the 3ds launched... Boy, were they flat out wrong!

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