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This Amazing Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama Is Now Available From Club Nintendo Australia

Posted by Liam Doolan

Got a spare 5000 star points?

The moment Australian Nintendo fans have eagerly been awaiting has finally arrived: the much anticipated Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama is now available from the local Club Nintendo catalogue. This extremely limited and individually numbered item is priced at a whopping 5000 star points.

As the catalogue describes:

Celebrate the Year of Luigi and spook up your shelf with this limited edition, individually numbered Luigi’s Mansion 2 diorama. As Mario’s scaredy-cat brother enters the mansion with his trusty Poltergust 5000, he’s greeted by the ever-pleasant Polterpup and mischievous g-g-g-ghosts in this 12.5cm x10.5cm x 7cm model!

At 5000 star points, the Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama is possibly the most expensive item to ever grace the Australian version of Club Nintendo. Previous high priced items have included the Wii Super NES Classic Controller, the Golden Nunchuk, and even the recent Hanafuda cards — all coming in at 3000 points each. However, the Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama blows the costs of these past catalogue items out of the water.

It's impossible to tell if the Luigi's Mansion 2 diorama will sell out as fast as certain previously available items; it all depends on just how limited in supply it is and just how many Aussies have been saving up for this bad boy. The Year of Luigi coin went within seconds at 1250 star points, and the Hanafuda cards for 3000 points have also disappeared from the store after 2 months.

All that can be advised is if you want this diorama, get it while you can. There’s no guarantee it'll hang around for an extended period of time, but at the price it is, those who don’t have the required amount of star points right now just might be in luck if they do need to save up a bit more.

If you're an Aussie, let us know if you'll need more points — or have already successfully ordered the Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama.


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Kaze_Memaryu said:

Aaaand more cool stuff for Australia! It's nice to see Nintendo pushing some fan-merch over there.



DarkSplatoonLink said:

Ordered it earlier today! Glad it it's finally coming! And I had plenty of Stars as I'd saved up. I have plenty left too.



Chubblings said:

@TOMBOY25 Thank you very much for that announcement. I missed the opportunity to get the statue earlier, but have now ordered it.



Marco_Rossi said:

I'd have plenty of stars, if Nintendo didn't keep expiring them before I'm able to save for anything good.



Jakeman said:

I tricked myself earlier this morning. I sometimes check out the items that people in Europe are able to get from their Club Nintendo. When I saw the diorama on the website, I thought that I must have accidentally gone to the EU website instead of the Australian one. When I looked at the web address, I realised that it actually was the Australian site. I then let out a loud victory cheer and hurriedly filled out my details. I had been waiting for this for months and Nintendo were as good as their promise. This makes up for missing the Luigi coin now. I can finally say that I think Club Nintendo is awesome.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Liam_Doolan I sent this info into you guys hours ago, why am I not cited? Dodgy, dodgy...

I've got a mere 1,800 stars so there's no chance any time soon of me reaching this. But I'm aiming for the Mario Hat anyway, yahoo!



Gladius_X said:

Just 5000 points? Here comes the European Club Nintendo, bringing you exactly the same diorama for a mere 7000 points...



alLabouTandroiD said:

If Australian star points are exactly worth as much as European star points you do even have a bit of a bargain there. It's 7.000 star points here.



shaneoh said:

just went through a heap of CN cards, I've ordered two . I'll give one to my niece



shaneoh said:

still have a few more cards I can redeem too. Probably not enough for another diorama though.



SmoochyTea said:

@Gladius_X Indeed, same as I was thinking. Goodness, I have almost 5000 stars, but not the 7000....

I hated myself for missing it in the first place, now I get a second chance and I still don't have enough.... I'm gonna order several games then.

It just hit me, Luigi handles a "Poltergust 5000", so 5000 stars makes more than perfect sense. I smell conspiracies...



k_andersen said:

Having never actually claimed any of my club Nintendo points, I decided to do them all in one hit to see how many I've collected. Turns out I had exactly 5000 points sitting there. I think that's a pretty good sign that I need to pick this up.



RedYoshi999 said:

I've been madly checking Club Nintendo every day since Christmas and after missing out on the Luigi coin because I was sleeping, I'm glad to have actually made it in time for this! 5000 stars was a bit of a shock, it's left me with only 600 left! The Mario Hat was actually the previous most expensive item at 3200 stars.

I must admit Club Nintendo has been pretty nice lately, we're getting a new item every month (and they're decent.) I've picked up the Hanafuda cards, Mario hat and now the Luigi Diorama to deplete what was once a tally of over 11,000 stars! Now I need to buy more games or I'll miss out on the next best thing.



Sean_Aaron said:

I have over 5000 stars; figures when something of interest comes up it would cost 7000...Can they bring back the shoelaces at least?



SnackBox said:

Dang only have 2600! I'm happy that we are finally getting some attention but yowzas that's expensive



DrMonk said:

Just ordered. Been waiting for this one since announced. Just halved my remaining points in the process!



Nintendzoey said:

@Schnedlick - Yes it does look awesome, it certainly does not look crappy or like a dust collector.
i just ordered mine and I cannot wait for it to arrive - it will look awesome in my cabinet with my other collectables.



dAviD7 said:

@Marco_Rossi i just checked today and I've lost 509 stars over the last year. I didnt even know that they were expiring :/ thank YOU nintendo

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