Nintendo's Christmas present to Aussies

If you live in Australia, you’ll already know how rarely the local Club Nintendo is restocked. On average, it happens only a handful of times per year, with a few exclusive items occasionally made available on the side.

This year, Aussies have received Mario shoelaces, Paper Mario adhesive notepad sets, themed notebooks, and a Pikmin tote bag. It's not exactly the most exciting of offerings compared to European, American and Japanese counterparts, but it's something nonetheless.

Now though, the drought has ended, with two exclusive items today being released on the local club. The first item is the well-known Year of Luigi coin for 1250 star points and the second item is a set of Hanafuda cards for 3000 star points. Both items, as many fans will know, have been available in other regions for quite some time now.

While these two new items are both welcome additions to Club Nintendo Australia, the bad news is that the Year of Luigi coin has already sold out. It went within seconds of going live, presumably because Australians had been waiting so long for the local club to replenish its catalogue.

If you’ve missed it though, you can still try your luck with the Hanafuda cards for 3000 star points, or you can hold out and take your chances with the Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama, which will arrive in Australia early next year in limited supplies and is expected to come in well under the UK pricing of 7000 points.

Let us know if you’re an Aussie who managed to grab the now-rare Year of Luigi coin, or if you plan on picking up the Hanafuda cards or instead saving your points and taking your chances with the Luigi-themed Diorama next year.