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Weirdness: Drink Your Troubles Away With This Nintendo Flask

Posted by Liam Doolan

Non alcoholic beverages are an option, of course

Retro gaming and whiskey, does it mix? One inventor on Kickstarter thought so. Matt Cornell describes himself as a passionate gamer and one who is lucky to have been raised alongside the video game industry as it has developed. Now he is repaying it with a throwback to the legends he was raised on.

While it’s not the classiest of ideas, it’s been successful enough to get the go-ahead after a strong Kickstarter campaign. Presenting the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask. After flying past the original goal of US$12,000, and raising a total of US$39,905, the project is now closed and accepting preorders online.

The flasks are based on parodies of NES games, with classic titles such as, “Legend of Drink” and “Drunk Hunt.” Each of the flasks are going individually for US$15. If you’re really that keen, you can purchase the collector’s pack for $70 and save five bucks.

If you're too young fill it with something non-alcoholic and, if you are old enough, drink responsibly — you know the drill.


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SpookyMeths said:

Lol, kinda cute, but really, I'd be way too embarrassed to break one of these out at a staff party or whatever. I'll take my Jack in a tumbler, thanks



MasterGraveheart said:

Awww, they screwed it up! The Zelda one should have been "The Adventure of Drink" as a homage the second Zelda game! "The Legend of Drink"... just doesn't work.



JebbyDeringer said:

Funny but what I find even better is having a shelf dedicated to NES games and Whisky (preferably Scotch). I'm seriously going to do that, the flasks are kind of ridiculous but the rustic shelf with NES games and Whisky, 10/10!



rayword45 said:

Let's see if Nintendo gets all pissy and decides to sue

They'd probably lose but the threat would be enough to scare some away.



idork99 said:

The other three are Metal Beer, CastleVodka, and Super Bar-Hop Bros. It's a cool concept. Too bad I'm not a hard liquor kind of person



MikeLove said:

I hide all my cash and valuable documents inside of a hollowed out Wii-U. That way, if any criminals break into my house to rob me it's guaranteed that they will never find the stuff.



rjejr said:

A lot of Playstation owners could use 1 of them about now. Myself included. I hate killing time.



Gioku said:

I'd like to see AVGN use that, lol. He's always drinking in his show; why not drink from that?



ogo79 said:

none of us ever even post here drunk.
i cant think of five people that post here drunk.
...yep, not even 5



StarDust4Ever said:

I wonder how many ounces of booze it holds. I can't imagine it's very much. Also how do you wash it out? Wouldn't the label get messed up?

Barhop Bros and Drunk Hunt are my favs.



LavaTwilight said:

If I could I'd invent a drink called "Responsibly", that way whenever a company tells you to Drink Responsibly - free advertising!!!



StarDust4Ever said:

@andreoni79 perhaps but gray ABS plastic is not an ideal flask material. I imagine that the case would be a breeding ground for bacteria. It will be fine the first time you use it but then you have residue inside the flask which needs to be rinsed out. Sterilization requires some amount of heat and soap, and unless the label is "baked in" like the screen-printed glazes found on ceramic mugs, I don't imagine it will hold up well even during careful hand washing. There's a reason most flask are made out of stainless metal. Honestly I don't see these plastic NES flasks being too practical for their intended use, but strictly as a novelty or collector's item.

I don't see the Big N shutting them down though due to the fact the design patents on NES cart design has expired and no copyrighted artwork is used.



WaveGhoul said:

No thanks, i'd rather go for something of more cool duder' creativity and quality such as this.


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