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Nintendo Shares Hit Three-Month High Ahead of Major Releases

Posted by Liam Doolan

Positive signs

Nintendo looks to be making a recovery on the stock market, with shares reaching a three-month high on 22nd November after gaining 4.2 percent on the Toyko Stock Exchange.

The milestone lines up with the release of Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, as well as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party: Island Tour on the 3DS.

A Toyko-based trader noted, “Nintendo [had] got some good reviews for Mario games” in reference to the shares’ rise.

As of 30th September the Wii U had sold 3.91 million units worldwide since launching in November 2012. Nintendo naturally intends for the 2013 holiday season, and release of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. in 2014, to be profitable periods for its latest home console and portable device.

Rival platform PlayStation 4 by Sony underperformed on the broader market by 0.1 percent, with traders saying investors were concerned it may sell fewer systems than Microsoft's Xbox One.


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Gold said:

<<<< It's out, so no bad sales for a while on charts. You never know, though.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm happy for the shareholders. Hopefully the shares stay here or go higher & hence people won't be so quick to jump all over Iwata next shareholder meeting.



luigi71 said:

I planned on buying Nintendo stocks before 22 november, but I had to open a stock account at my bank so I missed the chance...



marck13 said:

Well from where the stock was it could almost only go up - when the share price barely represents the worth the company's assets!
I trust in Nintendo, Iwata and co. and they will have to keep an eye on the shares price (like it or not).
Personally, I still expect the shares to go up from here on the long run, looking out to the release of Zelda U at least.



MrGawain said:

The PS4 and Xbox One could have destroyed the Wii U. But in reality they both launched with the same problems as all the other consoles before them.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@hydeks Your comment bro is biased........- _ - just saying lol. And I wasn't being biased because the Microsoft DRM thing and the XBone having no "must have" titles is true so sadly that's the opposite fact. Again I hope in faith Nintendo does better next year.



TechnoEA said:

It sold 1 million in a day and that was just in North America and it isn't even out elsewhere, so how is it doing worse than Microsoft who sold 1 million globally ?

Anyway this is good news for Nintendo, hopefully they'll gather even more speed next year.



Dpullam said:

I hope Nintendo's fortunes continue in an upward trend. I certainly want to see them succeed with the Wii U.



sinalefa said:

Am I reading good news for Nintendo here? Sorry, I think I came to the wrong website, although my url still says this is Nintendo Life



IceClimbers said:

That's great news. I'm sure the continued success of Pokemon X/Y has helped too. There's also the Luigi's Mansion 3DS bundle, the Zelda 3DS XL bundle, and the multiple Wii U bundles.



Stubborn_Monkey said:

Games got good reviews, shares rise.

That shows the power of gaming journalism nowadays. Reviews affected the shares of one of the biggest game companies. Not SALES, but REVIEWS.

Perhaps we should all be a little bit more cautious with what we say or write...

Or perhaps it's the shareholders who should be a little bit more confident in Nintendo...

Either way, I think this industry is focusing too much on reviews and scores.



MJKOP said:

@TechnoEA I don't believe for one second that there are one million XBone consoles in one million homes, nor PS4s



KayOL78 said:

Keep up Nintendo, I look forward to your 'force for good' in this world continuing...just keep the good games flowing, in your own time, oh, and all us nintendo lovers could do worse than to blanket our facebooks and twitters with the love of nintendo and the new mario games this year. Why not create our own revolution for what we love?



thanos316 said:

this is just the share holders talking right now. things can obviously change in a heart beat. shares also went up when word got out that nintendo might be making an android tablet. but its all about actual sales and money.. perception can help you for so long. show a real profit and everything is good.

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