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Collecting Rupees In...Call Of Duty? Ghosts Features Zelda Easter Egg

Posted by Christopher Costabile

Rupees really are important now

When Eiji Aonuma announced that collecting rupees would be more important than ever in the new 3DS Zelda adventure, A Link Between Worlds, he probably never realized that significance would carry over to the Call of Duty franchise. It seems the latest COD title — Ghosts — contains a special Zelda Easter Egg.

In one of the rooms, a small rupee statuette can be seen, bearing an inscription indicating that it is for 'most bushes cut and pots smashed.' As of press time, it is unclear whether or not the tongue-in-cheek reference is only present in the Wii U version of the game or if non-Nintendo platforms get to join in on the Hylian fun as well.

Interestingly, just to the left of the rupee statue lies what appears to be a TARDIS from the Doctor Who series. Perhaps a visual pun on the Hero of Time? Maybe we're reading a bit too much into it, but let us know your thoughts on this eyebrow-raising Easter Egg in the comments section below.


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wasf said:

COOL !!!

p.s.: sorry iz not the right place to ask for that but: when will be ur Batman Origins review on line! the game's out tomorrow right? if u'll gimme the green light ill go for it!



sikthvash said:

They should have a picture of one of the Boos and/or a Boo balaclava for multiplayer heh!



Ichiban said:

Haha! Very cool! I have the ps3 version, ill have to check if this easter egg makes an appearance in that version.



Emblem said:

I the Ghosts review embargoed like the XBox1 version or did you guys just not recieve a copy? Almost every review I've seen has stated they were not sent a Wii U version.



DESS-M-8 said:

A far better Easter egg would be the option to download this game from the eshop digitally. Just like I can on PSN store and XBLA.
Why no digital option on Wii U please?????



Chris720 said:

Interesting... very interesting. I wonder what made them put that in the game... Zelda X Call of Duty?



Zeargo said:

That is very interesting. Too bad I dont play Ghosts that I could see it for myself.



TreesenHauser said:

I'm curious to see screenshots of the Wii U edition of Ghosts.

But on topic, those are cool references tucked in there.



ACK said:

The Wii U version is very solid. The game makes a good counterpoint to BO2 as they are quite different. The Wiimote controls are spot on though and I really appreciate the varied map sizes (compared to BO2s relatively small maps). If all you're interested in is multi, then it looks/runs great and is different enough from BO2 to feel fresh, yet also encourage you to keep the older game for a change of pace.

One thing that struck me about the campaign, though, is that it reminded me consistently of Bond as much as your average CoD... Maybe that's because GoldenEye for Wii used the CoD4 engine, but some of these levels and locales seem ripped straight out of a Bond game (in a good way). You're sneaking by you lonesome through the Jungle with radar, a knife and a pistol (great level), sniping on the snowy tundra en route to a large compound, scaling down the side of a sky scraper while cutting your way into the various floors at night with fireworks reflecting off the glass facade... Basically every mission recalls a Bond-type activity and even the game structure and progression feel similar to Goldeneye in striking ways. (Such as the simplicity and variety of the missions, as well as the actual missions themselves.)

It's also commendable how little hand-holding or direction (no more way points) is evident in the Campaign, without the cost of ever becoming lost. Unlike other CoDs, you have significant freedom to take various paths or make various decisions while witnessing the consequences, rather than simply failing the mission. For instance, sneaking through a compound, a shot fired will bring the hordes of soldiers occupying the facility after your team in an intense firefight (you won't fail a mission because you weren't supposed to get caught, like usual); however, if you simply walk through you'll have a leisurely stroll through the building.

Actually, nearly every mission has this sort of pivot point. The levels themselves cover impressively large ground of varied terrain (with excellent draw distance) yet all move swiftly, which keeps any level from becoming stale and is a boon for replay ability. That said, each mission seems to have alternate paths and diversions that can greatly increase the length or difficulty. Another example is my favored Jungle level. Near the end a pair of blackhawks rise over the side a of cliff. If you quickly hide and stay absolutely still, they pass and the rest of the level involves calmly navigating the jungle. If you're spotted, all hell breaks loose as your team makes a mad dash through the foliage as missiles are being rained down and trees are toppled left and right. Pretty intense.

There a lot of things to like about the campaign, yet there are some drawbacks. The ability to explore and take various paths doesn't seem to be encouraged with unique guns and attachments to find as rewards... In fact, even the enemy drops are abnormally similar. I might need to play more (and on different difficulties), but this feels lazy. In that same vein, the visuals in some areas look absolutely stunning while others are rough and unpolished. Most importantly, everything is smooth and without a hitch, but Ghosts feels more unfinished than your average CoD, no doubt.

To me it's clear that Ghosts was simply a motif to allow them to take CoD into Bond-type espionage territory and, to me, it works. While BO2's campaign was like a fierce action thriller, Ghosts takes a different slant and I appreciate the change, but it's hard not to feel the developers were somehow inspired by that earliest of console FPS...



C-Olimar said:

Can anyone tell me what the online player count is for the Wii U version please?



yokokazuo said:

For those who have played Ghosts(mainly the campaign), does it seem like the textures aren't done very well? At least for me, bo2 looked better. I'm guessing it is to make the ps4/Xbox one versions look significantly better?



ACK said:

@yokokazuo Yeah, some of the textures are rough and don't really compare to BO2. Yet, the scope is massive and the draw distance impressive... BO2 had a smart visual design. Large scope, yet smartly controlling the field of view. Ghosts doesn't seem optimized in this way, instead often allowing you to view the majority of a level or area at once.

The textures could be to compensate. Though I do believe Ghosts was intended to have another coat of polish before being rushed out the door (the lack of variety in the campaign weapon drops are also a clear sign of this, to me). It is also possible that the effort put into fashioning a new engine for the next gen versions adversely affected the overall development, or at least the ability to optimize and polish.

For what it's worth, though, some of the later levels look spectacular. As if they are from a different game, at times. Clearly, these levels received the most polish.



Caryslan said:

I have the PS3 version, but the game overall seems pretty good. The Multiplayer has a different feel from previous COD games in terms of how it plays and the strategies you employ. For one thing, you die alot faster than in any of the previous COD games. I was getting taken out in only a few shots compared to even BOII where you could take several shots before you died.

It encourages a different playstyle than the other COD games. You approach the maps with a bit more caution than the others, because of the level design and the fact that blindly playing run and gun will get you killed more often that not. It's alot harder to be a Lone Wolf Commando in this game since its easier to be taken down, and it seems like people have gotten alot better playing as a team.

I love the maps in this game. It seems like Infinty Ward tossed out the rule book when it came to creating COD levels, and you play on some interesting ones that look good and have some neat stuff going on.

I have yet to get into the other modes, but I think this game is alot better than critics are saying. It does not reinvent the wheel, but its more than a souless rehash intended to make some money. They made some good strides with Ghosts.

My only real complaint( and this applies to all CODs it seems) is that quick scoping is still in the game. That's one thing I wish they would fix.

I have the PS3 version, but I would recommend the game for Wii U owners. Its a really good game, and its hardly a rehash even when compared to BO II. In fact, it does some things(Level Design) alot better that BO II in my opinion.



ACK said:

@Caryslan I agree, if you're into the multiplayer, this is a no brainer for Wii U. And for those gamers, the fact that it's so different than BO2 is great, considering the dearth of options on the system.

Playing more of the campaign, I really feel the good aspects are going to be critically overlooked. It doesn't have the convoluted missions and narrow chokepoints from CoDs past. The levels themselves are more freeform, organic, and open while the gameplay flows better with less strict conditions. The progression is simplified and more focused. There is less emphasis on dramatic set pieces to wow and more emphasis on gameplay structure to provide levels which are fun to replay even if they don't try to blow your head off with dazzling effects. (A major problem with past CoDs for me... That level that seemed so cool the first time, yet is a chore to replay... Ghosts rarely blows you away, but is consistently fun, even a second time.)

All in all, I've had more fun with the campaign than I expected. It really feels like a throwback to the early days and missions of console FPS. Even though I enjoyed the ways BO2 innovated, I forgot how far astray these shooters had gone from the old recipe of straightforward missions, compelling gunplay, and emphasis on providing a playground, rather than reliving a bombastic action movie scene.

Ghosts really brings me back. Something I rarely expect to say or feel in a CoD game. For some, that may be a major drawback, or misstep, or even a sign of decline. For me, and I may be the only one, it's simply refreshing and encouraging to have a gun in my hands and just get on with it.



Caryslan said:

@ACK So the campaign levels have different paths and ways to approach things? Does that mean it moved away from the "shooting gallery" feel of the previous COD campaigns?

I'll have to try that mode out. I usually blow off the campaign in COD games, but that because I like the Single Player of FPS games like Doom 3, Half-Life 2, and Rage more than the shooting gallery of the previous COD games.

By the way, does squad mode earn you squad tokens in multiplayer? I'm kinda stuck in a rut where I want to get my hands on new weapons and equipment, but I'm getting overwhelmed in some cases by players who are levels above me.



S7eventhHeaven said:

@C-Olimar 12. but this has been capped on all current consoles probly due to activision providing most of its dedicated servers to xbox 1 and ps4. on the plus side the wii-u's performance is better than the ps4 as the ps4 is struggling to handle the 1080 resolution with 60 fps consistancy. on some major scripted events the ps4 version drops below 15 fps.



ACK said:

@Caryslan Nothing major, mind you, but the the levels are much more organic and the missions less rigid. Rarely are you funneled down a sole narrow corridor, forced to cover and "shooting gallery" mechanics. The prevalence of this sort of gameplay has made most of the past CoD campaigns tedious, for sure.

Of course, it's all shooting here, too... Yet I feel more free to choose my own tactics or whether I want to shoot at all (unfortunately, here is where the drops are a huge drawback, but I have to play more). Seems that most campaigns from past years have missions that either force you to sneak, or encumbered those tactics, entirely.

To this end, Ghosts does a commendable job of adapting to your decisions/tactics. I never failed a mission if I was caught, and generally it seemed that stealth and/or Rambo tactics were equally supported and encouraged.

There are also lots of corridors, for instance, only now you are allowed to choose whether you want to take one or follow another path. The areas that open up are smartly paced and well-deigned, so you rarely become lost and may not notice them at all. The game design shows restraint in forcing too much, or frankly, much at all on the player. I think the tendency to force me into tactics, actions, and down particular paths was a large part of what turned me off in the past. It wasn't worth tolerating to experience a few cool scenes.

I'm no authority on the franchise, but Ghost is the first time I recognized many of the levels being significantly altered based upon my chosen tactics. Sometimes it's obvious and others are more subtle, but if you just play through like a typically CoD, it's always easy to miss. Which is partially why I feel most will ignore what is a genuinely fun, if less dramatic, campaign.

This is also why it's really unfortunate that the game design so poorly encourages exploration because the option is often there. And one "Rourke file" per mission doesn't cut it.



C-Olimar said:

@S7eventhHeaven Thanks for that information. I'm disappointed by the reduction. However, that wasn't what I meant by my question! I meant the total number of players online. Because Blops 2 on Wii U was only around 2,000 so I'm hoping it's more this time around...



AlexSora89 said:

Saw it yesterday.
Call Of Duty bowing down in respect towards a Nintendo franchise deserves, in turn, my own. Yes, I'm saying I respect CoD a bit more from now on. I still can't believe what I'm typing.



SetupDisk said:

It's fun so far. I am was really surprised at the detail on the aliens compared to other characters in the game. They look pretty awesome.



Henmii said:

Nice easter-egg! But of course they will never achieve Zelda greatness!!



yokokazuo said:

@ACK oh, I see(I haven't done very many campaign missions yet). I look forward to completing the campaign. As for multiplayer, that has changed a lot and I did horrible at first. XD I would recommend playing squads first and taking the time to look into the new differences(I just jumped right in at first and got a little confused by how creating a class works)

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