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Weirdness: UK Tabloid Reports on Fictional Deus Ex "Eyeball Implant"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Journalistic research triumphs again

British tabloid The Sun has been on our radar at Nintendo Life in the past, most notably for its ludicrous 'medical' coverage of the dangerous effects of the 3DS, in which a journalist played in 3D while walking down the street and then complained of feeling ill. The paper also published articles at the time claiming that thousands of owners had returned 3DS systems at launch, which was promptly debunked by Nintendo and, most importantly, retailers. Truth and facts aren't always important.

While the paper occasionally publishes articles bemoaning the great evils that video games are bringing to the world, it seems it isn't afraid of treating gaming fiction as fact. In an article section outlining "cybernetic implants", the tabloid refers to a cybernetic eyeball from "US firm Sarif Industries".

Of course Sarif Industries is a fictional company in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and The Sun's writer was probably taken in by the PR gimmick (and website) that revolved around pretending the corporation was real. We would advise that the journalist in question, as a bare minimum, try a web search or two next time. That's not a good idea now, however, as a search for Sarif Industries returns a fair few articles mocking The Sun. Oh dear.


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Peach64 said:

I saw this yesterday and had a giggle. The people responsible wont feel any kind of embarrassment though, they'll just move on. The sun is like a comic book for adults, most famous for its page 3 models than any words printed inside. They're just looking for fluff stories that its readers can tell their friends in the pub and don't care in the slightest when they get stuff wrong,



IKAY said:

Research? What is this crap for? Better don't ask if the story behin is true!



Kagamine said:

HAHA that's pretty rich right there. So a journalist actually fell for the fake site, that's sad that they didn't do any further research.



Ristar42 said:

Tabloids, the sad thing is many people believe what they read in them, but they never need qualify or cite what they print. Power without the responsibility.



Macarony64 said:

I'm a 100% sure that they knew it was fake and that's why they get readers. Just for exaggerating and misinformation.



Kirk said:

Well, when you think about it; the fake website has done it's job perfectly as a piece of alternate reality marketing and advertising for the game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is surely being mentioned in relation to this blunder and getting a fair bit of free publicity in the process.

So, kudos to the marketing and advertising team.



Kit said:

The Sun is the lamest excuse for a newspaper, there's never any 'news' in it just a whole load of nonsense 'n gossip. No offence but the only people who read it are gullible half-wits who say things like 'it must be true because I read it'. I'll never forgive The Sun for so badly misrepresenting the 3DS on it's launch - shame on them.



Gioku said:

I read the word "tabloid", and instantly knew that his would be stupid...



Bulbousaur said:

Yet another piece of proof that the Sun is completely incompetent and the only way it can sell copies is sticking a topless girl on its third page.



LeVideoGamer said:

How did I know it would be The Sun? Garbage newspaper, bought only by the sports fan drawn in by the low price, and the people who enjoy staring at topless women.



Einherjar said:

What hurts me the most is, that these people make money with this :/
Its almost the same as gemanys "BILD Zeitung" (literally: Picture Newspaper, because its full of pictures with less text. Nickname: Newspaper of ignorants, idiots, fools) These people get lots and lots of cash for printing the most insane stuff in their newspapers, often fooling people wit false articles.
Makes me think why i have to work till my back is about to break while money can obviously be made so easily...



MJKOP said:

Awesome, I'm a Michael Jackson fan and I've seen first hand how they twist, manipulate and blatantly lie. Brilliant!



Dr_Corndog said:

Still can't beat a headline I saw on an American tabloid several years ago: "600-Pound Woman Adopts World's Fattest Cat...and Then Sits on It!"

The photo caption: "Meow-ouch!"



ChessboardMan said:

I remember reading a manga that was set in the UK, and at the end of one chapter, they had news papers with Engrish headlines like "Sea monster gone home.", which on first read seemed all awkward and clumsy, but then it occurred to me, that they were pretty accurate representations of English news papers…



MadAdam81 said:

The Sun "journos" even grab random speculation from Dr Who forums and then print them as if a fact from an actual insider from the show.
Sometimes they know it's a lie, other times they are lazy and don't care if it's wrong. In this case, I don't know which one it is.



moroboshi said:

The Sun isn't a newspaper. It's just a rag which prints a mix of porn and sports gossip. They don't have any news, other than whenever there is an election coming and they have to tell their brainless "readers" to vote for the conservatives - as dictated by The Sun's ultra right wing owner, Rupert Murdoch.



Chris720 said:

How do you make a muck up like that? You do it proper research before sending out stories. Bit I've lost all respect for The Sun anyway... They're a good for nothing tabloid.



Neram said:

Haha! I almost feel sorry for anyone who read and believed that. Good job The Sun, you've succeeded in peddling more nonsense to your readers, who by now should be the equivelant of Weekly World News readers.

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