Renegade Kid's co-founder, Jools Watsham, could barely contain his excitement earlier today as he unveiled a brand new trailer for upcoming 3DS eShop title Treasurenauts, a day earlier than scheduled.

The 2D platformer follows the mishaps of the famous Treasurenauts, who have been marooned on a uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — courtesy of Bad Pirate Pete. Without a single air- or seaport to be found, there's only one way the adventurous gang is getting back home again; collect $1,000,000 worth of treasure, and in return for it the nefarious pirate will take them back to the mainland. Just think about that extortionate fee the next time you have to cough up some cash for a flight.

The gameplay shown in the trailer below is quite reminiscent of Renegade Kid's earlier title, Mutant Mudds, and the heavy emphasis on treasure collecting conjures up memories of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Treasurenauts doesn't have an official release date as of yet, but Watsham did state on Twitter earlier today that the game will release in December at the earliest. The developer has previously stated that Renegade Kid would like to port the game over to other systems, including the Wii U.