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The famous Treasurenauts have been marooned on a perilous, uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — courtesy of Bad Pirate Pete. His terms for escape are simple: Collect $1,000,000 worth of treasure before he returns to the island, and offer it as payment for passage back to the mainland.

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User Comments (9)



ToniK said:

For some reason I thought this was coming to Wii U :P I'm actually more interested now.



Kolzig said:

Never appeared in 2014. Someone should update this page.

Hopefully Renegade Kid releases at least some of their games in Europe also this year. 2014 was an utter failure.



pek727 said:

This was a big disappointment. I thought I would've already been playing this last year. I don't suppose it will ever be released now anyway.



WaveBoy said:

Yeah, this game flew right off the radar. Seems like renegade kid is focused on releasing Dementium: remastered and mutant muds super challenge

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