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Video: Footage of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Emerges for 3DS Caped Crusaders

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We pretend it's the Christian Bale Batman

Batman: Arkham Origins is the first portable title in the series kicked off by Rocksteady, and is developed by some Retro Studios veterans that founded Armature. Those two facts alone have some intrigued, but footage has been limited and when Warner Bros. did show more yesterday it was of the Vita version; with the best will in the world, the 3DS version won't match its Sony compatriot visibly but can, in theory, deliver an experience at least as good.

Thankfully NintenDaan has stepped into the breach to bring us some footage of the 3DS version — out today in North America — in action. There's an introduction video that shows the first 18 minutes of the game, but below is a shorter video that features plenty of gameplay and more closely resembles the officially released Vita footage.

Check it out below and let us know whether you're planning to tackle Blackgate.

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Uberchu said:

Good Video... but why use a White 3DS XL? Most people would probally have black insides of the 3DS XL because they assume the black is better on the XL for better 3D effect like the original 3DS was. lol

Too bad you can't see this in 3D.



MrGawain said:

Not convinced. The lack of a 3d world makes it seem very linear. Where in Arkham Asylum you had so many paths, dead ends and alternative solutions, this is very 'beat these guys up...walk to the next panel...shoot with batarang...' Undoubtedly great visuals, but I'm not sure if it actually looks fun?



gurtifus said:

It reminds me of Castlevania LoS Mirror of Fate a lot, which is a good thing IMO.



ultimate321 said:

I think you have to remember gMes have a 2d heritage. Theres nothing inherently wrong with tbis model of gameplay. If tbey had done it right, the possibilities couls have been amazing. From what I've read it does not deliver on the promise that it can bring but it isn't so bad. It really fruatrates me when any comment like : omg its 2013 why isnit 2d, the 3ds stopped this from being a 3dz gamez!, or 2dz so muzt sux!



ultimate321 said:

@MrGawain just to clarify its not that I don't think the game looks linear or that I'm convinced either but rather I am saying the lack of a 3d world should be no impediment to a well designed game.



MrGawain said:

@ultimate321 Trust me, I love 2d games. I come from a time with Mario and Megaman. But they made you figure out things for yourself. You had to learn the pattern the boss jumped in, the correct path of top, middle, or bottom to go down, the invisible block to head butt. This game looks as if it holds your hand with explaining to you what to shoot or when to use your x-ray thingy. In linear I don't necessarily mean 2D, I mean point A leads to point B to point C, and you can't get it wrong because the game is telling you what to do. It's using the forms and conventions of Arkham, but on a much more limited playing field. And that doesn't look fun to me.



readyletsgo said:

I'm kinda intrigued with this game, not really a fan of the main series for some reason. This is side scrolling action am I right?

Ign gave it 7.something this morning so that's not bad. When will NL be doing their review?



LordJumpMad said:

Is there no music score to this?
Batman Arkham city had a awesome theme, I was hoping they would do the same for the 3DS Batman.



DarkCoolEdge said:

In Spain is already available. I've seen in GameStop.

When is the review coming out? I'm very interested in the game but not sure about it being worth my money.



belmont said:

Got it on Vita, playing right now. I am at the start but it feels like a combination of Arkham City and Mirror of Fate.



brandonbwii said:

I didn't watch the whole video yet but was that Amanda Waller's voice in the beginning? If so, awesome!



Spoony_Tech said:

I just read the only review on Metacritic and it said it was good but its only going to last up to 8 hours. They said it can be beat in 6. I don't want to spend 40$ on a short game even if its good. Ill wait for a sale for close to half off before I even think about this! Besides I have plenty I can play till then!



NImH said:

Gosh I hope they used Ben Affleck instead of Bale as a model for this one. Batfleck! {dodges the rocks and bottles}



PinkSpider said:

I'd prefer you pretend its Keaton actually, seriously bale! He's an awful batman, he's not cloony or kilmer bad but he's not good
That being said looking forward to playing a side scrolling batman the Gameboy one was Excellent



ricklongo said:

What I really want is a cartoon-based game like The Adventures of Batman & Robin for SNES. That is long overdue in my opinion (and I'd definitely get that game as an eShop release).



ultimate321 said:

@MrGawain I agree completely with you. Its just that you said 2d makes it look linear. I have to agree tbough it really doesnt look as good as it could be with a solid foundation, good handheld conaoles on and ex reto employees



Caryslan said:

I'm not trying to sound like a downer here, but this game was made for two handhelds that are more than capable of doing 3D games and doing the proper Arkham gameplay. Why is this a 2D game? To me, the choice of style just killed off that feel that made both Arkham games so intresting.

These are handhelds that can do full 3D games. Why do developers insist on 2D? Its the same reason why I did not like Mirror of Fate. I tried the demo, and everything felt so limited compared to Lords of Shadows.

We are talking about PS3 and Gamecube quality handhelds here. Why this obsession with 2D?

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