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Refurbished 3DS Systems on Sale at Nintendo Online Store

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Includes discontinued Aqua Blue

Looking to save a bit of coin on a 3DS or a 3DS XL? You might want to consider a newly discounted refurbished unit from the Nintendo Online Store.

Nintendo has taken an extra $10 of several varieties of its handheld. The Aqua Blue and Midnight Purple 3DSes are now $109.99 while the Blue/Black and Red/Black 3DS XL colors are currently $169.99.

The reduced prices are listed as temporary, but it is not currently known just how long the deal will last. Refurbished units through Nintendo are guaranteed to be in fully operational condition, but may have a few cosmetic blemishes. Nintendo's full offering of refurbished portables can be found here.

Yes, that killer-looking Zelda 3DS XL is on the horizon, but would you consider a refurbished system to fulfill your needs? Let us know below.


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Jstar269 said:

They have been on sale Refurbished for a WHILE now. But it seems they just got 109.99. They were 119.99 two weeks ago, and 129.99 when it started.



Burning_Spear said:

Also, the blue can still be found new in NA retailers, though not easily. I saw one a week or two ago in Target.



TimLatshaw said:

@Jstar269 I meant "on sale" as in discounted, not "on sale" as just starting to be sold. Sorry for any confusion in terminology.



DerpSandwich said:

Those prices are crazy! It's amazing that you can get such an awesome system for such a great price. For the cost of a 3DS at launch you can get a refurbished system and get four games. Quite the deal for late adopters.



FiveDigitLP said:

The Aqua Blue is discontinued, eh? I might have to look into selling mine. Maybe someone will want it since it's so "rare"...? And then I could get an XL...hehe.



NintyMan said:

I knew Aqua Blue was discontinued for a while because I still have mine since launch. I intend to keep it not just because I never sell consoles anyway, but it's more special because of this, kind of like a collector's item.



GuSolarFlare said:

well, I still love my Aqua Blue 3DS(It looks more like Aqua Green to me but, whatever).
but refurbishing Systems to sell cheaper seem like a smart move.



andreoni79 said:

Here in Europe, where every Ninty thing cost more than in the US, you can always find a brand new 3DS XL on sale for € 150 in electronic stores or supermarkets close to home...

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