Pokémon X & Y are now just a little over a week away, meaning that soon the hype will end and millions of dedicated fans around the world will be able to dive into a new generation on 3DS. The titles look set to bring some fresh ideas to the franchise, a new land to explore and plenty of 'mon to discover and catch.

It seems that excitement for the games is definitely doing the trick, with Famitsu reporting that they've hit 1.26 million pre-orders at retailers — that's a record for 3DS software despite the releases still being over a week away. That number has surpassed its DS predecessors, and will surely keep growing ahead of the launch date on 12th October — Pokémon Black and White shifted 1.08 million pre-orders and Black & White 2 1.16 million pre-orders, for comparison and bearing in mind that the X & Y pre-orders are ongoing. While we may not have equivalent figures for Western territories, the buzz around the titles suggest that they're on course for a strong launch.

This dual release can do little wrong at this stage, and looks set to continue the strong run of the 3DS worldwide. Have you put down a pre-order for X or Y, or are you keen enough to have guaranteed your copies of X and Y?

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