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Parents Create Their Own Mario World in Child's Nursery

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Hand-painted room gives off Paper-themed vibes

Mario has always been an appealingly safe bet for family gaming, and some families are excited to start on that gaming as soon as possible.

The parents of Riley Craddock, who welcomed their child into the world on 19th October, have shared their newborn's beautiful, hand-painted nursery on Imgur. It appears they decided to go for the softer, gentler feel of the Paper Mario series, with fun additions like Question Mark Block storage cabinets, a Starman pillow, and a personalized goal flag.

Congratulations, Riley's parents! May you have plenty more good memories to share in the years to come.

If you were to ever design game-themed nursery, what style would you go with? Feel free to let us know below.


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DreamyViridi said:

Now that's parenting. With style!
Congrats to the talented parents and the lucky new-born who has this for a room!



unrandomsam said:

I wish my room when I was young was similar to Madworld. (A friend of mine was quite into a Nightmare on Elm Street from about age 5. Kind of messed me up probably but he did just fine. For me I shouldn't have watched or knew anything about it at that age but for him it was fine. His room was a shrine to that film).



LoveSugoi said:

I would go for Sonic CD style and add Tails on a planes.

That's a impressive room, not only from a gaming perspective but from a design one too. They nailed everything to even the lamp and pillows.



Goginho said:

I quite like it, it's not too much ..just enough
I've actually considered myself to hopefully one day create a game room with Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong decorations and props creatively and appropriately integrated for the whole mood and feel of it. Maybe include some of my paintings I plan to do ..I'm not procrastinating lol
But yea, this room looks great. I like how the flag pole is a measruing tape for him to measure his height on.. That's pretty clever. Maybe one day he'll reach the top for a 1-Up
Some of you may have seen the Nintendo Minute room inspired by LoZ. Now that's one room I really like, although it's exclusively Zelda deco, I wouldn't mind stealing some of their ideas for my own future room. Other than the obviously great artwork, mural, props, lighting and what not, I really like their take on carpet choice, and how it cleverly compliments the grassy fields of Hyrule, something I consider if I choose a carpet.
I would mostly include Super Mario stuff though, especially in the case if I were to decorate my child's room, as is the case with Riley here.



Godstrike said:

do the green hill things not have eyes in paper mario because if not that is the only thing that annoys me



jjmesa16 said:

Best parents ever!!! Do they have a N64 so the baby can learn how to play Paper Mario?



Pokefanmum82 said:

I'd do either a Donkey Kong Country room or a Pokemon one. But alas I'm done having kids and my hubby wouldn't go for it either.



dragoonjefy said:

@Tobias95 It's a princess peach light switch
@Goginho Thanks! You should go for it; I did this room using a cheap school projector from craigslist, lots of painters tape, patience, close to a dozen sharpies, and 4 or 5 good 1/4" fine brushes..
@JJmesa16 YES.. Baby Riley is going to have access to 8-bit onwards thanks to my MAME arcade upstairs!



Dezsi said:

I've ALWAYS wanted to have a jolly, light-hearted game-themed room with clouds and all. It would be a pixel-perfect Super Mario Bros. 3 room. If only I were (that) rich.



jjmesa16 said:

@unrandomsam Especially Super Paper Mario for the Wii. That game was the hardest Mario game I've ever played. Paper Mario for the N64 is pretty easy though.



HopeNForever said:

The quirks of new generation parenting will most definitely include video game pop-culture. The world of consumer video games may be a few decades old, but gaming kids also grow up, build their careers, and start new families during that very same time-period, assuming they never given up playing "childish things" over the years. When enthusiasts marry each other and become parents, they are more than likely to share their enthusiasm with their offspring.

In any case, I notice the art style is more based on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door than the original one.

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