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Video: These Sonic Lost World Bosses Look Rather Fun

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The Deadly Six show what they're made of

We've seen quite a lot of the Wii U and 3DS-exclusive Sonic Lost World in recent months, and a combination of footage and hands-on time has been prompting some rather positive vibes around the web. We probably shouldn't be that surprised, as Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations were, in the opinion of plenty, rather decent games featuring the Blue Blur.

One aspect of the game not previously shown off a great deal are the bosses, the "Deadly Six" that are confirmed as the main villains of the title. There's been plenty of footage of circular stages and 2D levels, but a new Japanese trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the boss fights set to be on offer. They look suitably epic and will hopefully be a blast to play, too.

Have a look below and let us know what you think.

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User Comments (39)



Captain_Toad said:

Japanese, It HAD to be japanese! Because I would really like to hear what that guy was saying at 1:21.



unrandomsam said:

More interested in the Wii game that has been on hold since 2011. Forget its name off the top of my head. (Or any of the none Sonic Sega franchises - too many bad games have destroyed it for me and I get reminded of them even if I am playing a half decent Sonic game).



Sjoerd said:

At first I was a bit sceptic about people saying Nintendo helped with Lost World, But the bosses really like they got the poured the Galaxy formula over them. I'm still more psyched about this thatn Wind Waker though. I'd like my WW memories to stay as good as they are.



Platinumhobo said:

I'll definitely be buying this. Just can't get it right away, gotta wait until Christmas.



Gioku said:

This is the game I want most for my birthday, November 14th!

Also, I'm getting even more of a SMG vibe from this than ever before!



TonIttou said:

@TheLilK98 I don't think so, I just did my preorder list in one go!
I love platformers and I get to play a new one each month starting from this month!



chiptoon said:

I wasn't convinced by those characters before - in fact hey were my biggest concern about the game. But that looked really good!



ToniK said:

Those characters may not have the classic Sonic vibe but looks good nonetheless. Maybe I'll buy this when the price drops a bit.



Randomname19 said:

Yes!Actual boss fights instead of racing or platforming to keep up to the boss and hit him only to do it all over again until it's defeated.



rjejr said:

Seemed less like Ginyu Force today and more like the team from Kung Fu Panda.

Any chance we'll get the Japanese voices? The engish is going to sound soooo bad after listening to those. I'ld take them even without subtitles. It's a Sonic game, I don't need to know what they're saying, just how they're saying it.



SphericalCrusher said:

Looks super fun! Definitely getting on WiiU. I'll see about 3DS as well, depending on how funds looks at the time. Super excited though. Going to be a crazy end of the year but Sonic will always fit in.



element187 said:

The visuals in this game just look so bland. LIke it was intentionally being developed for the Sub HD twins before becoming a Wii U exclusive.... I don't see any lighting effects that is taking advantage of the more modern GPU in the Wii U. The lighting/shading effects looks like its being done with those crappy ancient GPU's in the Sub HD twins. Take a look at SMW3D and its far more impressive on a technical level, and thats pretty bland in and of itself.



Dreamcaster-X said:

What a beautiful looking title. The art style & graphics really pop in HD. This looks like the 3rd great Sonic game in a row for Sega!!! My pre-order has been in long ago.



Dogpigfish said:

@element187 That's a good point, but they've never been into the minor details like splash effects or lighting. Sega usually just focuses on gameplay and that's not always a bad thing. It is nice to see some enhanced detail in Pikmin 3 and future games looking like true next gen.



StevyJ90 said:

@Dogpigfish That's funny because they were know for their graphics back in the day. This looks well done overall. I'm getting the 3ds version on day one.

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