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Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games is Sliding Onto Wii U This November

Posted by Orla Madden

Wear your gloves, it's going to get nippy

Back in May, a SEGA-themed Nintendo Direct broadcast revealed Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, becoming the first Mario & Sonic title on the Wii U and bringing with it a new set of events for Nintendo's current home console.

A release date was yet to be confirmed for Mario and Sonic's upcoming sporting adventure, but a recent Wii U notification indicates that the title will make a chilling appearance on 8th November this year. As the message was sent out to North American Wii U owners, this suggests that the game is only confirmed for that region on this date, as no such notice has been delivered yet — at the time of writing — to European owners.

You can read our First Impressions of this one if you want to know more, and let us know in the comment section below if you'll be picking up the game when it's released.


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tchaten said:

Within the same week as Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club - early November seems like athletic week for Nintendo!



Knuckles said:

I haven't heard anything about a 3DS version until today, but if it is like 2012, not getting it.



NintyMan said:

It's arriving on the eShop first on November 8 as far as I remember. The retail version should be right after that.

I was interested in the game at first, but there's just so many good games coming later this year that this will have to wait if it gets a decent or good review.



Captain_Toad said:

@Knuckles M&S guy "Hey how do we make this game better on the 3ds?"
2nd M&S guy "Why limit the character roster in each event to 4! Even though it never happened in the earlier games! "
M&S Guy "Great Idea!"

Edit: Oh, the game is just on the WiiU... ok.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Knuckles I added the 3DS comments, not Orla, as I thought there was one. I just looked around and, you're right, it doesn't seem to be confirmed.

I clearly just imagined it!

@AyeHaley - It seems so, my bad. I'm just off to get my head examined...



NintyMan said:

@mariobro4: Yeah, that is my least favorite thing about Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics for 3DS, It didn't make sense to limit playable characters to four for an event, and considering the huge number of events available, it was a missed opportunity. I won't be getting the 3DS version of Sochi 2014 if the character limit returns.



Shiryu said:

I am picking this up for sure. I still cannot believe there isn't a single Ice Hockey video game on either Wii U or 3DS! This is a particular nagging complaint from me because Nintendo and Next Level Games, the producers of the greatest hockey franchise ever (that's "NHL Hitz") have yet to realize that this is the perfect timing to work together on the reboot the Famicom / NES "Ice Hockey" franchise. Whose with me on this?



SkywardCrowbar said:

Not getting this at launch, but I might pick it up around Christmas... I still have Batman Arkham Origins, Super Mario 3D World, Watch_Dogs, and Wii Party U to pay off!



rjejr said:

The eShop has "online multiplayer" listed for this game, maybe somebody at NL can look into that as google is coming up empty?

The notification did make it seem like Nov 8 was an online date. I'm sure this would be retail at some point though. Nov 8 is a Thursday so maybe Nov 10 as Nintendo likes Sundays. Or the 12th if Sega wants to go traditional Tuesdays for video game releases.

The eShop "online multiplayer" line - not just once but twice, in addition to a separate listing for "onlinne leaderboards" - really has me intrigued though.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

With the lack of sports games on Wii U, its up to Nintendo to deliver the goods with Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and Mario & Sonic!



AdanVC said:

November would be the most busy month for Wii U. Too much games released, this one, Wii Fit U, Watch_Dogs, CoD, AC, and Super Mario 3D World! What I'm gonna do to afford all of that omg!?



Pod said:

Wii U only, eh?

Seems all the kids that've been following this series need to get hold of a Wii U if they don't have one already.




PokeTune said:

Despite never playing this series this one seems interesting. Can anyone who's played recent entries tell me if its worth it?



OdnetninAges said:

I'd say try the first Winter Games and/or London 2012 on Wii, as they are the best ones in the series, IMO.

The regular olympic mini-games on there are fun, but the dream events are just awesome, especially if you get some friends over to play.

If you like them, then you can decide for yourself if you want this one or not, as the series clearly isn't for everyone. The only problem I see so far is that this one only has 16 events, which isn't as much as the previous entries.

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