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Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is an upcoming Wii U game and is the fourth installment in the Mario & Sonic series.

It will include a variety of events from the winter games such as skiing, figure skating and curling. Different events uses the Wii Remote Plus controller, Wii U GamePad, or both. As the other games in the series, it will feature realistic events with ones in Mario's and Sonic's worlds.

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Posted by Gaz Plant

Back on the slopes and going nowhere fast

Unless you’re an enthusiast or currently living in Sochi (that’s in Russia, by the way), there’s a good chance you aren't aware that the Winter Olympics are almost upon us. Yes, it’s time for all your favourite winter sports to hit the screens...

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rjejr said:

hmm, no coverage since Aug 2nd, is that right?

So just got my Mario and Sonic go for the gold on Nov 8th notification, so we have a date. More importantly, in the eShop it says online muliplayer. It actually says it twice. It also lists online leaderboards, as if online multiplayer is a separate thing.

Anybody know anything about this game having online multiplayer or is Nintendo making mistakes in their own eShop listings? The date does say TBD even though the notification clearly said DL midnight Nov 8.



RADencker said:

@rjejr It has online multi-player for some events @Rjejr. Check out the latest Nintendo Direct they cover it in there. ALso announced was a bundle with a really cool looking ice blue Wiimote to be include with the game at Retail. I'm all over that!

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