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Animal Crossing Plushies Move In

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Will never pester you for fruit

You can admit it. Animal Crossing: New Leaf continues to seep its way into your life, your daily routine interrupted with thoughts of bell-generating schemes and what time so-and-so is visiting your house tonight. You did remember to buy turnips from Joan today, right? Good, good.

For those who are genuinely New Leaf-crazy and want to decorate their real-life houses with such a motif, Japanese superstore J-List is offering an expanded line of Animal Crossing plushies. These are official Nintendo products and feature the likenesses of Isabelle, KK Slider, Tom Nook (rocking the sweater vest), Reese, Kicks, Mr. Resetti and Porter.

Each plushie is priced at $22, not including shipping costs, but it may be a small price to pay to quell that gnawing sense of envy from seeing these things behind Reggie and other Nintendo personnel in videos.

Will you pick up an Animal Crossing plushie of your own? Would you like to see any other plush characters or other products? Let us know.


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Obito_Sigma said:

$22... hmm... I'd really want the Tom Nook or K.K. Slider plus... but it costs more than half of the amount of the entire game. Maybe if it was $10 in my local store like Target or Walmart.



Captain_Gonru said:

These are cool, but I'd really like to see some of the residents. I'd buy a Grizzly in a sec. He was my favorite neighbor back in the GC days.



SegaNintendoGMR said:

Wow, there really is a plushie for everything these days. I play New Leaf all the time but i don't think i'll be spending any money on these things.



GamerZack87 said:

What?! What about Tortimer? Digby? Cyrus? The Nooklings Timmy and Tommy? Mabel, Sable and Label...uh...Labelle? Brewster? Leif? Kapp'n? Leilani? Sweet little Leila? Grams? Lloid? Lyle? Shrunk? Katrina? Crazy Redd? Pelly? Phyllis? Pete? Pascal? Gulliver? Celeste? Joan? Luna? Kaitlyn? Katie? Rover? Copper and Booker? Brewster? Gracie? For the love of every kind of fruit, WHAT ABOUT BLATHERS?!



Bassman_Q said:

Jeez, that K.K. Slider plushie is effin' adorable! At 22 bucks, though, not sure if it's worth it... :/

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