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Nintendo Will Attend GDC Europe For The First Time

Posted by Andy Green

Two special sessions have been scheduled in

Game Developers Conference Europe will be held this August in Cologne, Germany - just before Gamescom starts in the very same city - and Nintendo has announced it will be attending the event.

This will be the very first time Nintendo has made an appearance at GDC Europe and the company has added two special sessions, although as of this moment we do not know what they will be about. Could Nintendo have something spectacular up its sleeve? We'll have to wait until GDC reveals more details, which will happen before the conference takes place.

Other firms in attendance include Havok, Google and Epic Games, the company behind the Unreal Engine technology.

GDC Europe will commence on 19th August and will finish on the same day Gamescom starts - 21st August.

Nintendo did not participate at Gamescom last year but it has already confirmed it definitely will be turning up this time around in what will now be a long week for the company. Other developers and publishers attending Gamescom include Ubisoft, Koch Media, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Konami and Bethesda Softworks.


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Bulbousaur said:

I expect something will be announced, why turn up somewhere which you haven't been to before without a good reason?



AVahne said:

If Nintendo just ends up showing the exact same things they showed at E3 at both GDC and Gamescom (which they'll likely do) then.....sigh
We want some new announcements Nintendo.



JuleyJules said:

Perhaps there will be something about the further games we've been told are coming before 2014 that have not been announced yet - or better yet some 3rd party titles that we don't know about yet but are hoping for!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Koto Why would they announce games at GDC? It's a game developer conference. They're more likely just going to announce new creation tools and the like for other developers to use (unless they show something that's being built on those tools).



LordGeovanni said:

Just so I understand, what is GDC exactly? What do the people who go to it do there? Is it another E3? Is it a place for Indie game designers to pitch their ideas to big companies? I just don't know...



SyntheticPerson said:

I hope they get some exclusive indie developers while they are there. The best way for Nintendo to set themselves up as different is exclusive indie stuff. If they are reluctant to make new IPs, at least get some good quality indie devs.

If they nabbed someone like Team Meat (or someone with their quality), they would be laughing.



gaby_gabito said:

More outreach to developers is always a good thing, especially in this case with many not knowing that Nintendo have made making games more accessible for them.



banacheck said:


Just so I understand, what is GDC exactly?

The Game Developers Conference, is just that a conference which features over 400 lectures, panels, tutorials, thay also showcase all of the most relevant game development tools, platforms and services helping to drive the industry forward. It's a professionals-only game industry event, for programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals etc, the topics are taught by leading industry experts.



Player4 said:

So, will Nintendo promote their console in this conference so that these developers may develop games for the WiiU and 3DS? That would be nice



Shambo said:

@Koto I just checked my wanted list -which does not yet include eshop titles- and I think I could use a break after the upcoming months with Wii U, 3ds and even PS3 must-haves. I just put quite an amount of money down to get some older games across many platforms, to set up a LAN between two Gamecubes, and to buy the recent 3ds must-have games... I'd be happy with a new announcement, don't get me wrong, but I don't NEED one right away



MrGawain said:

Could they be using it as a platform to show a 6 hour presentation of 'Spin The Botte'?



unrandomsam said:

@SyntheticPerson The actual technical quality of team meat is pretty awful. (I really enjoyed playing Super Meatboy but if the Linux port is anything to go by they are not ever going to produce anything good enough to actually get it to pass quality control. It is still buggy even on Windows. (They cannot even add steam cloud saves to it for some really silly reason). That is the problem the indies that Nintendo seems to like don't produce anything fun enough for me to want to play. XNA is really well designed don't know what Nintendo has I have not seen any of the SDK's.



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo should not go anywhere that EA and Ubisoft are. Konami just seems to get other people to make things that are sometimes good sometimes bad with its characters. (I hate Mirror of Fate - Think Dracula X Chronicles is worse than the original Rondo of Blood. Like Contra 4). Capcom is fairly similar to Konami but has started totally unacceptable stuff with DLC and adware (on ios which doesn't affect me but I still despise it). The Dungeon's and Dragons thing released recently is dire. (I own it on PC).



micronean said:

I doubt they're going there to show anything to consumers, but rather to schmooze with developers into coming over to the Nintendo camp. If they're going to show anything, it'll probably be just new trailers for upcoming games...



banacheck said:


So in a nutshell its like an E3 conference?

E3 is nothing like GDC, If you want E3, go play video games at a strip club, but only play for 5 minutes, and wait in line for 3 hours first.
GDC is a place to learn about making games. Some of the most interesting and creative people in the industry, sharing what it is they've learned.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Koto For Gamescon I suspect it's just going to be release date verifications unless one of their "smaller", unannounced games has a decently close release date to Gamescon.



b23cdq said:

@Shambo The problem is that they already confirmed most of the games before E3, leaving little room for surprises. If they hadn't already shown most of their cards, they would probably have had a much better reception.



Buduski said:

Nintendo putting in work, depending on what they portray at these events it could help improve relations with other publishers and/or developers.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I really love how Nintendo is attending lots of events all of the sudden. It's a really good thing to spread info about their products and hopefully get more people to develop for them.



The-Chosen-one said:

Nintendo already said there are more games to anounce. and they did not show ''Epic'' Zelda which they almost did at E3. i want to see more from the game Xenoblade from Nintendo-Monolith soft. and they will show a new special character for smashbros, maybe more Mario 3D, pikmin, mariokart, donkey Kong and the new IPS miyamoto was working on etc



GiftedGimp said:

GDC will be to encourage developers/Publishers to develop on WiiU by showing off thier development kits/tools and framework, lets hope with some success. Gamescom will be when there will be any game announcments (if there's any to be made).
Its good Nintendo are attending these events though, as it shows the public and industry Nintendo are doing what they can to push the WiiU... even TV advertisments are being shown more often just lately.



Havkri said:

I hope they use this opportunity to finally announce the new Zelda game, they said they were going to announce it at E3 but it just wasn't ready yet. So why not announce it now, I mean this is their first time attending this thing....



Shambo said:

@b23cdq While I'm not with those complaining E3 was disappointing, there is quite a lot of truth in what you say. More surprises would've been better to balance the hype over ps4 (and xb one... just kidding. The only hype they had was from curious people wanting to know exactly why to definitely NOT get one, as far as I know.) And to me DK:TF looks great, but is not that great a surprise.

I DID shed a tear of joy over Mega Man in Smash Bros. And made a few girly noises and shrieks, I believe. And jumped up from the couch. And played Mega Man Anniversary Collection on my Gamecube afterwards. And... well, that enough about that.

Also, the new trailers for the Platinum Games... games got me hooked, as well as the one from X.

My girlfriend was -and is- pretty excited about the Mario Bros Cat Suit.

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