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Rivalry Between Bayonetta 2 And Wonderful 101 Teams Helping Drive Development

Posted by Damien McFerran

Hideki Kamiya reveals the playful one-upmanship within Platinum

Platinum Games is responsible for two of the Wii U's most eagerly-awaited third-party exclusives: Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101. These two games look set to make good use of the console's unique GamePad controller, and will surely contain the kind of over-the-top action that Platinum is famous for.

Hideki Kamiya — who is directing The Wonderful 101 — has revealed to Nintendo Everything that he is seated right next to the Bayonetta 2 team, so he can see their progress by looking over the top of his desk. Kamiya says that this drives him to make The Wonderful 101's action scenes even more intense.

It's encouraging to know that these two amazing-looking titles are actually driving the teams behind them to make things even more explosive and entertaining. Platinum Games certainly sounds like a fun place to work, put it that way.

Don't forget, you can read our E3 2013 impressions of Bayonetta 2 here, as well as an earlier preview of The Wonderful 101 here.

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User Comments (39)



DarkCoolEdge said:

The Wonderful 101 looks very fun.

Bayonetta is sure to be a great game.

Will have to get'em both



gaby_gabito said:

I'm looking forward to getting both of these! I hope that Platinum continues to work with Nintendo in the future to create even more quality games



SilentHunter382 said:

I am really looking forward to W101. I will get B2 but I just need the motivation to start B1 on the 360. XD



19Robb92 said:

Seems like people have noticed this from the latest footage of both titles:

Apparently battling on top of a yet is action-packed, can't say I disagree



Ichiban said:

This needs to happen at Nintendo when creating new Mario titles, might be what they need to break free from the autopilot mode theyve been stuck on!



GearsOfWarU said:

I am Super Stoked for both of Platinum games titles The Wonderful 101 & Bayonetta 2 ... Like so many others I hope they get a crack @ A New Star Fox for Wii U



GearsOfWarU said:

O & how about an article how Sony fans aren't going to get to play Amazing titles like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 & Sonic Lost World ... Not to mention the Obvious great Nintendo Titles like Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Pikman 3 ,Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Bros Wii U .... I'm sure plenty Microsoft & Sony Fans would love to play those games but can't on there systems !!!!! Look at things from both sides of the fence!!!



DESS-M-8 said:

It's this exact working environment that used to drive Rare in the 90's and look at the amazing line up of quality titles they produced back-to-back on the SNES and N64, along with some gentle steering from Nintendo. Then they left and the talent list that steering and look what happened to them!!!
Have Nintendo found another Rare in Platinum Games???



Znerd said:

Man have one team rival with the other team to make the other game better lets see what game does better as for me i want to get Wonderful 101 but Bayonetta 2 looks real good as well



rjejr said:

I'm looking forward to both of these games enough that I don't even care if W101 pushed Bayonetta 2 all the way into 2014 where it can sell well all by it's lonesome in the winter. Not to say it wouldn't have sold well this year, but WiiUs very desert like release calendar is starting to develop an oasis of games.

And it's probably better for Platinum games to spread out their income.



Dark_Link said:

Nintendo needs to keep a great relationship with Platinum. They expressed interest in revamping Starfox as well. Have them do that if they want and if they want to make another exclusive IP for Nintendo, than do it!



Nintendo4Lyfe said:

On September 15th, I'm buying The Wonderful 101. And when next year comes, I'm buying Bayonetta 2. And I hope the CEO gives to the go ahead to Kamiya-san to develop StarFox for the U right away!



CrimsonFire said:

THese games are going to be great.I'm playing Bayonetta on X360 before i play 2 and going to get both these games day 1



Daggo said:

Two Teams.
One rivalry.
Gamers win.

Seriously they convinced me of Wonderful 101 on E3, mechanics looks pretty fun to say the least.



Rafie said:

@GearsOfWarU Why are you concerned about Sony fans not playing these titles?! I swear Nintendo fans are becoming worse and worse. Sony isn't the enemy here, neither is Microsoft. It's rare to see positive articles here in NintendoLife without involving the other 2 consoles.

Anyway, I'm getting both games and I'm glad that they are exclusive. It gives Ninty an edge. Also loving the fact that I don't have to go for achievements and trophies to stop my gameplay. I can fully enjoy these 2 games to its entirety. I got the 1st Bayonetta and completely loved it. The gameplay and soundtrack alone was enough for me. I know this sequel will be better. Wonderful 101 just looks all out awesome! If Platinum does Star's game over! That game will soar to unbelievable heights. Here's to hoping!!



hamae said:

Who needs you anymore Ubi & EA
Platinum is now our favorite 3rd party developer and their games looks more fun than yours.



Sensei_Sendai said:

Ahem! Watch Dogs...wait...that's coming to Wii U...sweet, guess that'll tide me over until 2015. All the other games I want are coming to PS3 anyway.

I hope these titles can keep Nintendo afloat for a while. Wii Party U may be a system seller...



Shambo said:

lovely, such friendly fun and constructive competition!

both day one purchases for me.

platinum games has always been one of my favourite developers, together with grasshopper manufacturer. i just hope the latter will again support nintendo with some awesome over-the-top exclusives, like no more heroes 3.



Dark_Link said:

@Damo yeah that would be great! They already mentioned they wanted to do it so Nintendo should put them to work



Aqueous said:

I just spotted one of them wearing a giant Famicon Controller at 30 seconds.



element187 said:

"This needs to happen at Nintendo when creating new Mario titles, might be what they need to break free from the autopilot mode theyve been stuck on!"

@MeowGravy Btw, there was a Nintendo direct last week where they showed off the next Mario. It looks set to outsell both Galaxy's combined.

Are you seriously this upset that Nintendo decided to make a multiplayer 3D Mario? I'm at a loss how anyone could watch the SM3DW trailor and think its lazy. It looks easily like the best Mario to date... and everyone who had hands on time with it, whether originally a skeptic or not is now singing its praises for how much fun it is. And if you seen it in person, it is by far the best looking Mario game to date. The textures are sharp instead of the flat Galaxy look on Mario.



GearsOfWarU said:

@Rafie I've had a personal Hatred for Sony since 1995 ... when our family got new Sony Bravia 35inch TV that blew up after only 18months ... and like the day before the Super Bowl... and later that year they put my Atari Jaguar out of business . Those are my reasons for Hateing Sony since the 11th grade : ) .... never owned a Sony Product ... My Personal Opinion they are overpriced junk!!!



Rafie said:

@GearsOfWarU Well that's a personal issue my man! Sony has evolved since then. Sorry about what happened to ya, but I assure you that Sony has become better. To keep it fair, there are tons of games that the Wii U isn't getting that Sony and Microsoft will be playing. Point is you don't have to harp on it. It is what it is. Nintendo will continue to be the driving force for games like it has the past 30 years or so, and the other 2 will be what they are to gamers.



CaPPa said:

I think that Platinum are some of the most talented developers around, their resumes are full of incredible games - like Samurai Showdown, Resident Evil, RE:2, RE:3, RE:4, RE:Remake, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Madworld, Vanquish, Bayonetta and MGS:Revengence. The Wii U exclusives (The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2) are sure to be added to that legacy and are two of my most wanted Wii U games.

I know Kamiya has said that he'd like to produce a Starfox game, which would be great, but I'd be happy for them to work on any Nintendo franchise, they could probably do great things with Metroid or even Zelda (Okami being the only adventure game to equal it).



GearsOfWarU said:

Rafie ... of course... before getting my Wii U on Launch Day Nov 18th ... I had'nt owned a Nintendo system since 2000 ( N64 ) ... I grew up on NES!!! but ever since 2001 I've been solidly an XBox/Xbox 360 owner and Supporter hence the name Gears Of War ... love the Trilogy .... and I really like one of the new games shown during Microsofts Press Confrence... I wish I could get on Wii U ... Titanfall looks Amazing ... But I am a Wii U Backer now and Very Happy About it... Just Completed Darksiders 2 on My Wii U tonight spent 47hrs on the game and have had a Blast!!!!



ThumperUK said:

101 looks amazing, I just hope Nintendo (Europe) gets its act together soon and publicises the new batch of games, preferably TV adverts showing 101, Pikmin, Luigi & Warioware (plus reminder about Lego City!). Then sit back and watch the sales fly.

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