New Super Luigi U arrives in this week's Nintendo Download update, arriving on 20th June — at midnight in some regions — as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U. An update for the retail title will arrive in time for Luigi's arrival, which will allow you to access the new content — a copy of Mario Bros. U is mandatory for this download version — and also play with the Wii U Pro Controller, to the delight of anyone that bought the peripheral and then realised it couldn't be used for multiplayer in their shiny new Mario game.

New Super Luigi U will also arrive as a standalone boxed retail release later this summer, with a higher price to match, but Nintendo of America has confirmed a promotion to encourage gamers to take the plunge on the DLC version. Anyone who registers the new release on their Club Nintendo account and completes the survey before 1st August will receive double the usual Coins, and also be entered in a draw to win a Year of Luigi pin, picture above. Squinting at the Ts & Cs shows that NoA is giving away exactly 980 pins — because 1000 would be too many — and each has an approximate retail value of US$2.25.

Not mind-blowing, admittedly, but it's a snazzy pin and a little incentive for those that were planning to pick up New Super Luigi U regardless. At the time of writing there's no equivalent promotion in Europe, so it's a chance for North American Wii U owners to gloat. For more details check out the official promotion page.

Thanks to Jack Treese for the tip.